What happens when you don’t drink enough water?

Human body made up of almost 80% of water as every organ, tissue, and cell needs a proper amount of water daily to work properly. So, it’s very important to drink enough water daily. Hard stools and constipation are the most common side effects of not drinking enough water, along with abdominal pain and cramps.

After some time of not drinking water, you will notice dehydration on your face in the form of dry and ashy skin. Today, we will talk about some most common signs of dehydration.

Dark Urine

Dark UrineDark urine is one of the most common dehydration signs, which indicates the circulation of excess and potentially harmful waste products in the body. You may notice the dark urine is deeper in color than the straw to yellow color urine.

Sometimes, the dark urine is due to some other health issues, including kidney and urinary tract infections. But if you are talking about the dark urine in the morning, don’t worry. It’s due to long sleep without having water.



Hunger feelingsYou will also feel the hunger due to lack of water in your body, as the filled stomach always sends the signal that “I am full”.

Usually, doctors also recommended water before the meal as it prevents you from overheating and hunger feeling. It’s ultimately lead you to many health benefits, including weight loss.


Unnecessary Sugar Carvings

Unnecessary Sugar CarvingsWhen we don’t intake much fluid, our body craves sugar intake to get quick energy. Actually, we just need a glass of water at that time to get rid of the unnecessary sugar carvings. Sometimes people also face the sugar carvings on different occasions like after quitting alcohols, female during the pregnancy, and some also face the carving at night.

But the water intake is the perfect solution to handle the sugar carving at any time. So, whenever you feel sugar carving, firstly think that are you drink water today, and make sure to drink the water before going for the donut.


Routine Headache

routine headachesDehydration headaches symptoms are usually the same as the other routine headaches. But for different people, it can be different, as someone may feel like a hangover headache. It is a pulsating headache, which appears on both sides of the head. Females usually face headaches during pregnancy. You can rest in a simple dark room, message, or drink enough water to get rid of the headache.


Dry mouth

Dry mouthHave you ever faced a dry mouth issue? It’s usually a common situation for diabetes patients. Other causes of dry mouth include stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. But you can also face the dry mouth issue due to dehydration. You may already face the dry mouth issue in the morning as you spend the whole night without drinking water. The dry mouth treatment includes the limitation of caffeine intake and stopping of tobacco with regular sipping of water.


Muscle Cramps

muscles crampsA muscle cramp is usually due to the lack of fluid in the body. Your body leading to heat illness, and notes Ortholnfo by losing enough fluid and unable to cool itself immediately. It usually occurs when you overuse your muscles without sipping any fluid. One example is the leg muscle cramp, which occurs due to overuse of the muscles without drinking. So, make sure to intake enough amount of fluid to minimize the chances of any muscle cramp.


Regular sleepiness

regular sleepenessWhen you are not drinking enough water, your blood pressure drops, which leads you to poor circulation of blood flow to your brain and causes the feeling of sleepiness. But you may be feeling sleepiness due to the use of drugs, alcohol, cigarette, and irregular sleeping routines. Sometimes the dehydration also affects performance and mood, leading to fatigue and anxiety. Make a habit of drinking enough water daily to minimize regular sleepiness.


Bad Breath

Bad BreathWhen your body dehydrated, it’s not producing enough Salvia leading you to bad breath. The cleaning out of debris and bacteria is responsible for bad breath without the Salvia. But bad mouth smell can be due to some other reasons, including bad-smelling food, teeth problems, crash dieting, and smoking. You need to drink enough water along with tongue brushing, diet adjustment, and regular dental checkups to handle the bad breath problem.



ConstipationDehydration is one of the main reasons for chronic constipation. When you don’t drink enough water, your large intestine soaks the water from your food waste. The other causes of chronic constipation include your diet, traveling, medicine, irritable bowel syndrome, and pregnancy. Make sure to drink plenty of water to get relief from constipation, along with high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains.


Low concentration

Low concentrationWhen you don’t drink enough water, it’s ultimately lead you to a low concentration of water in the body. According to recent studies, a person always needs 16 cups of fluid daily to stay hydrated.  Make sure to fulfill at least these requirements to minimize the risk of the above-described issues.

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