What happens to your body if you run every day for six months?

Regular exercise is always beneficial in many ways as it is helpful to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and improve sleep quality. Many people are taking it more seriously and committed to run daily, with different challenges. These challenges include the increment of running distance and speed daily. It’s not just about sweating and getting out of breath daily; it provides you so many benefits like yoga and other strength training. In this article we will see what happens when you run everyday for six months?


You don’t need to run a marathon daily; a short running in the morning or a small lunch workout is good for your body. Hopefully, if you have time and encouragement, you can add more challenges to your daily running routine. But what actually happens to your body when you follow this routine strictly.

Strengthen your Muscles

Your muscle’s function and size improved with the daily running, including the primary muscles like quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and calves size. In April 2014 study in Exercise Sports Science Review, researchers concluded that aerobic and resistance training routines led to similar muscle growth.

But if you wanted to build your muscles, you also need strength training. In a February 2019 analysis of Sports Medicine, researchers concluded that aerobic forms of exercise promoted more growth than the Cardio workout.

Strengthen your joint

Maybe you can’t see the instant joints improvement after daily running, but research proves that daily runners have lower joint issues than the others. According to a July 2013s research, only 0.35 percent of runners need the hip replacement as compared to the 0.8 percent daily walkers. But if you are carrying a little extra weight, a daily long-distance running challenge can cause problems for your joints. You need to be aware of your fitness level and start slowly according to your fitness. Many researchers also recommend running every second day to decrease the risk of injuries in newbies.

Strengthen your cardiovascular system

You can make your cardio exercise more effective with daily running. It increases your ability to inhale the oxygen perfectly. According to the Journal of American Heart Association, cardio exercises improve cardiovascular fitness. Daily running increases the strength of your heart and lung’s ability to take the oxygen inside.

Lose your excess weight

Daily running also plays an important role in weight loss. Only 5km daily running is enough to prevent excess weight without taking much care of the diet. Actually, you are burning more calories daily by running 5km than the calories you take. The amount of burn calories depends upon many factors, which include age, weight, and weather.

Improve your mode

You can also feel a definite change in your mood and mental health by your daily running routine. It prevents you from developing depression. Fifteen minutes of daily intense heart-pumping activity is necessary to lower the chances of depression. So, you can simply cure your depression by daily running, which helps to improve your overall mood and mental wellbeing.

Improve your sleep

Daily running also improves sleep quality. According to a 2019s Sports Medicine study, one hour of physical activity daily is enough to improve your sleep quality.

Boost the brainpower

You can also feel a positive change in your brainpower with a daily running routine. Its increases the oxygen supply to your brain and form the new neural connections, which improve your physical memory.

Let’s see some running Tips

You don’t need fancy clothes

Don’t overthink about the fancy clothes to execute your daily running plan. Put on any simple clothes, get out, and start running. Yes, you may feel a little bit uncomfortable in the usual clothes, but don’t be lazy just for clothes.

You need shoes, but not too much expensive

The comfortable shows are necessary to provide good support to your knees, calves, shins, and other body parts. Good shoes are always the best protection guards for any runner. But it doesn’t mean that you always need some expensive special shoes to go running. Suppose your budget allows you, then it will be okay. You can buy decent running shoes within the $100 so, don’t go for too expensive shoes around $200 if you have a limited budget.

Don’t stretch before you go out

Don’t stretch before running, as it’s one of the worst things that normally people do. It makes your running less effective, less powerful, and more prone to injuries. You just need a little warm muscles before going outside, which can be achieved by arm circles, trunk rotations, side bends, high knee, butt kicks, side to side leg swings, and some calf raises. Actually, you just need to little warm-up your major muscles before going for your regular run.

It’s okay to walk

As a new runner, you can take some breaks. But the regular runner usually doesn’t take walking breaks. You can make a plan of walking breaks according to your fitness, health, and patient level.

Don’t start running to lose weight

Many people just start running to lose weight, yes you can lose the weight with time. But don’t only start running to lose weight. It will give you the strength to do some awesome and hard things in your daily life.

You may find some support after starting the running, which help you to follow the routine. The supportive friends and family members are equally important to execute the plans.

You get better with practice

Maybe you need a lot of breaks when you start running, but you will notice the massive improvement in your physical health with time.

Dress for 20 degrees warmer than the actual outside temperature

Make sure to properly dress, as you will feel 15 to 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature after running a mile. So, if the actual temperature is around 10, try to wear the dress according to 30 degrees Celsius.

Always be prepared

Make sure to be ready to follow your daily running routine. Many people have a busy routine, which is responsible for forgetting their running routine. You need to be plan ahead and prepare ahead for your daily tasks.

Risk of running

Running is good for health, but excessive running can be responsible for acute injuries. Almost 7 million people annually need medical attention due to exercise-related injuries. It can also be responsible for chronic injuries like iliotibial band syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis.

The chances of any injury during daily running are mainly dependent upon your running distance and past injuries. You can also decrease your workload to minimize the risk of any injury. Make sure to get medical attentional in case of any injury during the running as it can be worst with time.

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