What happens if you plank every day for one minute?

Are you curious about what happens if you plank everyday for one minute? Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do as they need your minimum time with many benefits. You can achieve substantial results within a short time. It is one of those exercises which benefit you in many ways. When you hold yourself for planks, you can feel the pressure on each part of your body. Especially, planks strengthen your arm, neck, and shoulder.

One of the plank exercise’s major benefits is strengthening of the butt muscles, which are usually ignored in many usual exercises. When you hold yourself up for planks, your arm muscles are developed, and when you move down, your butt muscles are developed. You need to spend a minimum of one minute daily to get some positive results. But a maximum of ten minutes of daily planking can give you the perfect results. Let’s see what happens if you plank everday for one minute?

Improved core definition and performance

Planking is one of the best exercises for the core muscles, including the transverse abdominals, rectus abdominals, external oblique muscle, and glutes. You can feel the improved sports performance, stable side-bending, and stronger back after doing the regular planking. So, don’t underestimate even a single minute of planking every day.

Decreased risk of back and spinal column

Everyday planking reduces the risk of back and spinal column. It’s making sure that you are not putting too much pressure on your back muscles and prevent injuries. It’s especially beneficial for the upper back muscles and can support entire back muscles.

Boost in overall metabolism

Planking helps you to burn more calories as compared to the other abdominal exercises. It helps you burn more and more calories and become more important when you spend a maximum of your time in front of a computer screen. You need to make a habit of 1 to 10-minute exercise daily to enhance your metabolic rate. Daily 1 minute planking is enough to ensure that the metabolic rate remains high all day, even when you are sleeping.

Improved posture

Daily planking can improve your posture, along with many other health benefits. It keeps your bones and joints healthy and improves the overall effectiveness of your muscles. If you have good posture, your spine will stay in the correct position, and you will suffer less back pain. More importantly, with improved posture, you will look better, healthier, and more confident.

Improved overall balance

Usually, we can’t stand straight on one leg, which is due to our bad balance. Our abdominal muscles should be strong enough to give us a one-leg stand balance. One minute of daily planking can improve your performance in every sporting activity.


You may observe that athletes are more flexible than normal people, it’s due to their improved fitness level. Planks help us to improve our fitness level by pointing out the posterior muscles, including the shoulders, shoulder blades, and collarbone. All the planking movements and variations are beneficial in supporting your body’s weight.

Naturally lose weight

Different plank variations challenge your body and lead you to naturally lose weight. This compound exercise enables your muscles to fire at the same time. You need to burn a lot of energy at the same time to go through it. So if you do planking without eating extra, it will help you to shed the extra weight.

Mental health

Daily planking also helps you to improve your mental health. They stress the muscle group in your body, which helps you lower the stress and tension in your body. This stress can be due to the long sitting in front of the computer screen.

Daily planking calms your brain and helps you to treat anxiety and depression symptoms. But this can only happen if you make planking a part of your daily life.

How to hold a plank position?

  • Lay down on the floor like a push-up position.
  • Put all the weight on forearms by bending the elbows at 90-degree.
  • Make sure your body is in a straight line position to get the maximum benefits.
  • Look at the floor with a relaxed head.
  • Hold the pose for at least one minute, and inhale and exhale slowly.
  • Leave it when you think you can’t hold it further.

Five easy modifications that can make your basic plank better

When you master the basic planks, you can add some variations to make them a little challenging. Let’s see the five easy planks modifications.

Stop Praying

Clasping hands makes the elbow planks easier, so you can unclasp your hands to challenge yourself while maintaining the straight line of your body, shoulders, back, legs.

Flip your hands

You can flip your hands during elbow planks to challenge your core to work more. It’s a good way to take your planking to the next level by challenging the arm muscles.

Stay up

Elbow plank is a little bit easier than straight arm plank, so if you want to challenge yourself more, try to perform plank on your hands with a straight arm.

Plank on a BOSU

You can use a BOSU or exercise ball under your forearms or palms to unstable yourself. This unbalancing planking put more pressure on your core. Now you need to maintain the balance as well.

Move your bum

Move your bum on left and right continuously to add some more challenge to your planking. It will make your basic planking much harder.

Who should be cautious doing the plank?

You need to be cautious doing planking exercises if you have any of the following conditions.

  • If you go through prolapse surgery
  • If you have a pelvic pain condition
  • If you have poorly functioning pelvic muscles
  • If you previously give a childbirth
  • If you are overweighed

Why can planking be bad for blood pressure?

Despite the many benefits of planking, it can be harmful to hold this pose for too long. It’s a powerful exercise, which requires a tight tummy, and back muscles to stop the middle part of the body from sagging towards the floor. It requires the use of the deeper muscles, and the longer use of the deeper muscles can lead to back pain. Especially if you have high blood pressure issue, try to avoid the too long planks as they raise the abdomen’s pressure, which temporarily further increases the blood pressure.

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