What happens if you don’t shower for a month?

Daily showering can be bad for human skin and health, depending upon their routine, as daily scrubbing removes the healthy fats and lipids from human skin. But what happens when you don’t shower for a month. When you spend three or four days without showering, cleanliness questions start to arise. There are many gross things, which can happen when you don’t shower for a long time. If you sweat a lot, work out daily, and have bacterial infection history, you need to shower daily.


But it’s not necessary if you have some health problems, and your doctor recommended you the less bathing. You can think about your daily routine, figure out what feels better for you, and then stick to that showering schedule. Let’s talk about some side effects that you may experience when you spend a month without showering.

Skin problems

Your little skin issues getting worsen with the time without showering for a long time. The bacteria and dirt on your skin start to mix, which leads you to an itching sensation. In some extreme cases, the itching and scratching cause the skin to break, leading to extreme skin infections.


We are getting a lot of germs and bacteria by touching the different usual devices, including mobile phones, door handles, and toilet seats. These germs and bacteria are entering in our bodies through our hands, mouth, and nose when we spend too much time without washing our hands. It will give you the common cold or even hepatitis A in some extreme cases. There are many good bacteria’s on human skin, but if you are not helping them by regular shower, your skin will become a place for fungal growth, which will decrease the good bacteria’s power to fight with bad bacteria’s.


When we spend too much time without showering, the fungus takes over on skin and causes different skin infections. It usually lives on our skin, inside the mouth, and on the genitalia. Fungal infections are most likely infected children’s, women’s, and overweight people. Bugs and bacteria are also live under the nails, groin, and behind the ears, so it’s important to regularly wash these areas.

Excess dead skin

The excess dead skin cells start to build on our skin when we don’t shower for a long time. You need to shower and scrub your skin to wash away these dead skin cells. Almost four Kg of dead cells is washed away from a human body throughout the year.

Offensive body odor

When the bacteria and germs mix with the sweat, they produce an odor. But when you spend some time with this odor, you build immunity and don’t feel any bad smell. This condition is known as olfactory fatigue in medical terms. But you need to understand that the other people around you are not so lucky.

Poor genitalia Hygiene

When you don’t shower for a long time, the sex organs are badly affected as compared to any other parts of your body. Your groin area becomes prone to yeast infections after some time without having a proper bath. All the dirt and bacteria will be responsible for the itchy sensation, and you will feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Brown Patches

The brown patches are starting to farm when we spend a week without showering. It’s an interesting side effect of not showering, which is also known as dermatitis neglecta. Make sure to shower at least once a week to prevent this extreme condition.

Acne and pimples

You may also notice Acne and pimples on your skin, especially on the face and bum, without showering at least once a week. When you sleep without washing your face, the dirt and oil accumulate throughout the night and crop up Acne and pimples. Make sure to at least wash your face before going to bed to prevent acne and pimples. Many people also claim that their Acne clears up when they don’t shower for some time; actually, it depends upon your skin type and the cause of your Acne.

Deep itch

Deep itching is one of the main drawbacks of not showering. When you spend too much time without showering, the bacteria, germs, dirt, and sweat mix and make your skin extremely itchy.

Bad hair days

Many people reported oily and greasy hairs after spending some time without showering. It’s difficult to manage the hairs when they turn greasy and smelly. But regular showers help you to cleanse the scalp of dead cells and oil from your hairs. In some extreme cases, you can also experience scalp odor due to the mixing of bacteria and sweat.

Right Way of Showering

The right way of showering is important to prevent the itching and side effects of showering. You can get your ideal glowing skin and shiny hair with the right way of showering. You can simply follow the few grooming rules after the right showering to optimize your skin. In the morning, when you feel dull, the right showering tips can help you get your look back. Let’s see the important steps of the right way of showering.

Get the right water temperature

Getting the right water temperature is necessary to prevent the stripping of natural oily skin.  The recommended water temperature for showering is about 36 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Brush hairs before wetting

Make sure to brush the hairs before wetting to remove the tangles, as wet hair brushing can be responsible for more tangles. Use the multiple tangle brush to remove the tangles. After showering, brush your hair again.

Shampoo thoroughly

Evenly distribute the shampoo on all the hairs, and scrub them for 30 to 60 minutes before rinsing. When you are scrubbing, massage properly on the scalp as the dirty hair always has oil at its root.

Don’t leave the conditioner on for an extra time

Many people leave the conditioner on for a long time and think that it’s helpful in growing the hairs. They need to understand that it’s not helpful in growing the hairs. Try to use deep conditioners and hair masks to get similar benefits.

Cleanse your body safely

Thoroughly clean out the whole body with bar soap. Use warm water to wash the face as its opens the pores for thorough cleaning. But after that, use the cold water to close the pores as the open pores are the gateway for bacteria.

Don’t over scrub

Many people are over scrubbing their skin to remove the dead cells. Yes, it’s helpful to promote the growth of new cells; it can lead you to some serious infections. Make sure only to scrub the body one or two times a week.

Rinse hair with cold water

The hair cuticles open up with the warm water and require the fresh cool water to seal back. It’s necessary for your shining hairs.

Apply lotion immediately

The lotion is very good after showering as its locks the water into the skin and moisturize it well. You can use it on wet skin to get out most of this formula.

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