What happens if you do 100 pushups a day?

Pushups are one of those exercises, which is simple and effective, and you can easily do it anywhere. It is an essential part of any workout, and people do it for various purposes. It’s the easiest exercise, which activates every muscle in your body. But would you build your muscles and gain strength if you do 100 pushups every day. Let’s see what happens if you do 100 pushups a day?


1. Increase the functional strength

Daily pushups put pressure on your major body’s muscles, which is one of the top benefits of daily pushups. All the major muscles are activated by the daily pushups, including the biceps, core muscles, triceps, anterior deltoids, and lower body muscles. You can train your most important muscles with the standard pushups, which increase your body’s overall functional strength.

2. Muscle stretching for health and vitality

Pushups provide unique stretching to your biceps and back muscles. When you approach the floor, your back muscles are stretched, and when you move back to starting position, your bicep muscles are stretched. It’s the best way to improve flexibility, which also prevents you from injuries. You can also see the solid and attractive appearance of your muscles during stretching.

3. Enhance your cardiovascular system

Pushups are a compound exercise, which needs your heart to work harder. It’s a good way to support heart health by enhancing cardiovascular system performance. You can feel better heart health within a few days of performing the daily pushups.

4. Increase the whole body muscle definition

Our body releases more growth hormones when the muscles are under the strength exercises. The youngster’s body releases more specialized hormones as compared to the older adults. Make sure to add the pushups in your regular strength training exercises to maximize the benefits.

5. Protect your shoulder from injury

Older individuals are more prone to rotator cuff injuries, which is a delicate part of the body. It’s found that the standard pushups are more effective in protecting the shoulder joint injuries in older adults. Regular pushups stabilize the muscles, which surrounded the rotator cuff joint. The strengthening of the primary and secondary muscles of the shoulder minimizes the risk of any shoulder injury.

6. Improve your Posture

Proper posture is necessary to maintain the overall health of any individual. The standard pushups are good to improve the posture by strengthening the core muscles. Your body will automatically lean to the proper posture with a proper routine of the pushups, which is considered one of the most impressive pushups’ benefits.

7. Prevent lower back injuries

The lower back is an important part of the body, which supports our every movement. If it’s injured, the simplest task becomes more complex and painful. But the daily pushups prevent you from back injuries by strengthen your back muscles.

8. Save time while cultivating a strong body

Today, we are too busy in our daily life and don’t have enough time for exercise. But exercise is essential for our healthy body and healthy mind. It is one of the most common eliminating activities by individuals when they don’t have enough time in their busy routine. May you don’t have time to go for traditional strength training, but you can easily achieve the full-body workout with simple five-minute pushups. You can target the different muscles of your body with the different positions of hands and feet. It’s a good way to support rapid strength and size development.

9. Increase the Testosterone and reduce the Osteoporosis development

In men, the circulating testosterone starts to diminish with time. Several studies suggest that testosterone production is promoted with the simple pushups movement, which is essential for both men’s and women’s good health. All the weight-bearing exercises like pushups are supporting stronger and dense bones, which is beneficial for skeletal system disorders like osteoporosis.

10. Improved upper-body strength

Pushups are equally beneficial for upper-body strength. They challenge our whole body, including the chest, front, arms, back, shoulders, and upper back. The strengthening of these muscles is beneficial in your day-to-day activities.

Types of Pushups?

There are a lot of pushup varieties, which you can do to challenge yourself. You can elevate your hands to make your pushups easier and elevate your feet to make the pushups harder than the traditional pushups. Let’s see some common types of pushups.

1. Hands-Elevated pushup

Hands elevated pushups can be performed on the box, chair, or table. Place your hands on the table such that your shoulders are width apart and take the high plank position with your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders. It’s a starting position of the hands-elevated pushups. Pull your shoulder blades together to lower your chest to the box by bending your elbows. Use your palm pressing by straightening your arms to go back to the starting position to complete the one rep.

2. Pushup

You don’t need anything to do these pushups; lay down on the floor with a high plank position and flat palms. Make sure your shoulders are stacked directly above your wrists, legs should be extended behind you, and your core and glutes engaged. Start lowering your chest to the floor by bending the elbows. To complete the one rep, use your palms to push the floor with straight arms.

3. Dead-stop pushup

It’s more like the simple pushups, with high plank position, width-apart shoulders, extended legs, and engaged core and glutes. To lower your chest to the floor, bend your elbows. You need to raise your hands when your chest touches the floor to make them dead-stop pushup. Place your hands back to the floor, and complete one rep by pushing your palms with straight arms.

4. Decline pushup

You need a box, chair, or bench to do the decline pushups. Place your toes on the bench with a flat palm and high plank position. The starting position involved the width-apart shoulders, with engaged core and glutes. Lower your chest to the floor by bending the elbows. Complete one rep by pushing your palms with straight arms.

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