Undertaker net worth & biography

Undertaker net worth is $17.5 million

As of now estimated net worth of the undertaker is $17.5 million. This net worth includes his all-time wrestling career and his property. In wrestling wrestlers paid by different means one of them is playing match others include selling merchandise for a company like different products shirts etc. Undertaker is no doubt a legend for generations. Let’s talk about his biography. We have created a video biography for all of you. Watch the video below about the undertaker’s biography.

Undertaker’s biography:

Now we know the undertaker is a rich superstar after knowing his net worth. Now let’s move our discussion about Undertaker biography more specifically we will discuss The Undertaker’s Life. We will talk about Undertaker qualifications and how he becomes an undertaker, where do undertaker live? Let’s start Undertaker biography.

Mark William Calaway(The Undertaker) was born on March 24 1965 in Houston, Texas, and was an American Football and Basketball player. During his graduation, he dropped out of university where he was studying sports management. He wanted to concentrate on his career and wanted to play professional basketball in Europe. His initial focus was not to become a wrestler. He loved football and wanted to be a superstar in that game but things not worked out well for him and he changed his focus from football to wrestling.

how he become an Undertaker?

When he was training for wrestling nobody was interested in him as he was just huge and look very simple. After training for many years he got the first match in the local wrestling arena. Undertaker got his first match just because he looked like a son of a famous wrestler of that time he gave him his first opportunity in wrestling. After that he debuts for World Class Championship Wrestling under the name Texas Red, he eventually joined the WWF in 1989. Debuted in WWF under the name “Kane the Undertaker”.After some time he removed the word Kane ( Another wrestler became Kane and famously was his storyline brother for many years). Collectively they are known as the brother of destruction.

The key point in undertaker’s career:

One of the key points in the undertaker’s career is that he confused people by the amount of different persona, he had during his lengthy career in the ring. People were even thinking that there is more than one Undertaker. The confusion is due to his longevity – he is in an organization for 27 years and his current age 52 years. He keeps coming back after some time and even looks more young and fit than before. In fact, there was one storyline in 1994 where there was a fake character called the Undertaker, who fought the real one.

How undertaker became “The Phenom”:

That period as a hero ended and he was back as Big Evil from 2001-2003 and then Return of the Deadman from 2004 to 2007, where he earned the nickname “The Phenom” due to his impressive health and physique then before.

The famous Undertaker streak 23-2:

Since then and until this week, the Undertaker was the company’s longest consistently in-ring performer in the organization’s history. The Undertaker is known for The Streak of 21 straight victories at WrestleMania.He lost twice once to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, and the 2nd was against Roman Reigns. Do you know why he lost against Roman Reigns? if don’t read here: The logical reason why undertaker lost against Roman Reigns

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