How Undertaker appears in the ring? Secret revealed !

How undertaker appears in the ring?

We all are really fascinated by how Undertaker appears in-ring magically. Mostly in the WWE, when someone is in the ring giving a speech or fighting other wrestlers the light goes off and Undertaker appears from darkness directly inside the ring. How undertaker do that it’s really a simple trick. Question people mostly ask does he ran to ring in dark light or already standing in crowed and jump out of crowed when the light goes off. what he does to appear suddenly inside the ring.

Where does The Undertaker hide?

Undertaker is actually underneath the ring. Now you might think how do wrestlers get under the ring? or simply even if we suppose he is lying underneath that ring. How Undertaker is going to be under that ring for 3-5 hours show. So, here is the secret recipe.

They have a waiting area and basement tunnel going towards the wrestling ring. When Undertakers have to make an appearance team of WWE informs him to go and get on top of the ring just a few minutes before his appearances. He doesn’t have to wait 3 hours lying under that ring. Hope it helps to understand better. That’s how the undertaker appears out of nowhere.


How undertaker appears and disappears? (Visual proof)

So can deny what we have said above but you can’t deny your own eyes. Let’s have a look at how the undertaker appears in-ring from the darkness.


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