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Many generations of wrestlers use masks to hide their identity and entertain the audience. Some greatest wrestlers also wore masks in history, which made a major impact on their careers. Some masked WWE wrestlers in history have been featured on TV due to their masks, and these masks were integral to their characters and background.

The Japanese and Mexican traditions are mainly related to the use of masks in wrestling. Many wrestlers also wore the masks as WWE wanted to make a lot of money by selling these masks to their fans and audience. EI is famously known for wearing his masks all the time, even during his daily life as well, and only revealed his face on television just before his death. Let’s see 10 wrestlers who removed their masks by some means within the ring.

10. Juventud Guerrera

juventud guerreraJuventud Guerrera has 28 years of an active wrestling career. He was born in Mexico and known for his classical high flying and energetic style. After entering professional wrestling, he appears against many famous wrestlers.

During his run in 1998, Juventud Guerrera was unmasked when he lost a mask VS title match to Chris Jericho. It is considered as one of the strangest eras of wrestling history where the masking wrestlers lose their masks.

9. Jushin Liger

Jushin LigerJustin Linger is one of the most famous characters of wrestling, who also portrayed as Justin thunder Linger during his thirty-five-year career. He completed almost four thousand matches during his career.

Jushin Liger unmasked several times during his career but bears the distinction that he did it himself rather than a loss, an accident, or storyline. Many times Jushin Liger removed his mask just to foil an opponent’s attempts to do it.

8. Kalisto

KalistoEmanuel Rodriquez is famously known as “Kalisto” in the ring. He holds the NXT tag-team gold and also two times champion in WWE. Kalisto gains more popularity during his WWE run, where he uses the name “Samuray del Sol”. He initially joined the SmackDown brand and formed the Lucha House Party with Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik.

Kalisto unmasking happened in a match with Alberto Del Rio when Alberto Del Rio gripped his head and almost pulled his mask clean off. Alberto Del Rio just realizes what he had done and doesn’t try further to expose Kalisto’s face like many other accidental unmasking’s. It seems less harmful for the Kalisto, and the match continues after a little break.

7. Psicosis

PsicosisHe debuted in professional wrestling in 1989, but his run’s peak period belongs from 1996 to 2000. Psicosis unmasked two times in his career, the first time against Rey Misterio Sr, who unmasked him by keeping his face hidden.

The second time he unmasked in WCW, where he faced Billy Kidman in a hair vs. mask match. This is the first time he showed his face to American audiences and continued wrestling without a mask.

6. Lince Dorado

Lince DoradoIt’s another unmasked wrestler in our list from the Lucha House party. In 2007, Lince Dorado debuted in professional wrestling and joined WWE in 2016. He unmasked in a match against Mitch Rider. Although Dorado won the match, he messed up a moonsault, and gave himself a concussion which led him to suffer a seizure after the match.

The promotion owner removed his mask and provided him the first aid; although the towel is used to cover the face during the treatment, it’s actually the first time when Dorado unmasked. We can see how important the mask is for the wrestlers, as Dorado conceals his identity even in extreme circumstances.

5. Gran Metalik

Gran MetalikHe kept his identity for many years; even many WWE fans don’t know his real names for many years. In 2017, he fell foul in a match against Neville.

It’s sawed an accident as Neville wanted the heel to look and actually pulled the mask too hard and revealed the Gran Metalik’s face. Neville was champion when he pulled the Gran Metalik mask, so he wins the match after ruining the mask. This incident can’t prevent the Gran Metalik from continuing wrestling under the mask.

4. Rey Mysterio

Rey MysterioRey Mysterio is one of the famous mask characters in WWE, who unmasked many times during his run. Recently, he unmasked in a match against Andrade. Although he unmasked during his early career, he still appears in the ring under the mask.

The most famous unmasking of Rey Mysterio is in a match against Alberto Del Rio in 2011. In this famous encounter, Alberto unmasked Rey Mysterio and threw him onto another ladder before finishing the match. Alberto forced Rey Mysterio to stay down as he was unmasked and win the contract.

3. Kane

KaneOn Jun 23, 2003, Kane unmasked for the very first time in his career against Triple H. After that, he appears in the ring without the mask for a lengthy period. He made his comeback in WWE in 2018 to help his storyline brother “The Undertaker”.

Kane and The undertaker make the team and appear in an encounter against Shawn Michaels and Triple H at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. It is considered as one of the wrestling history matches that every included wrestler wanted to forget. Kane unmasked in this famous encounter after receiving the punch on the side of his head from Michaels. After the match, Triple H said that he thought that Kane’s head had fallen off.

2. Abyss

AbyssChristopher Parks, famously known as the Abyss, worked for seventeen years in TNA. He was one of the powerful wrestlers in the ring of his time, who has many X division titles, several tag team belts, and heavyweight titles.

He fights for many years under the mask and then introduced a new unmasked character name “Joseph Park”. After some time, he revealed that Joseph was a manifestation of the Abyss’ split-personality through the plot.

1. Sin Cara

Sin CaraMany people portrayed the character name Sin Cara. The original wrestler’s name under the mask was Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde. These characters continue to appear in the ring, and differentiated as an imposter and original Sin Cara’s.

A mask vs. mask match is very famous between the imposter and original Sin Cara, where original Sin Cara unmasked the imposter Sin Cara and revealed him.

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