Top 5 WWE superstar couples with big age difference

Top 5 WWE star couples with big age difference

Big age difference in dating couples of WWE, let’s view loving couple photos of WWE which have a big age difference. Meeting someone to spend the rest of your life is a tricky task, but when you’re an employee of WWE, it becomes that much more difficult.

The reason for this is that given the hectic schedule you have to endure, it quickly becomes impossible to meet anyone outside of the industry and form a relationship with them. This is one of the main reasons why so many wrestlers decide to date other wrestlers; Starting off our list with

#5 John Cena and Nikki

They have 7 years of difference in their ages. John was born on April 23, 1977, Which makes him 40. on the other hand, Nikki was born on November 21, 1983, which makes her 33 years old. Which means they have 7 years of difference in their ages.

#4 Liv Morgan & Enzo Amore

With an age difference of 8 years. Liv Morgan was born on June 8, 1994, which makes her 22 years old. and Enzo was born on December 8, 1986, which makes him 30 years old.

# 3 Sable & Brock Lesnar

10 years Interesting part in this couple is the sable is older then brock. Yes, you heard it right. Sable was born on August 8, 1967 (which makes her 49. In case you don’t know sable, Sable is an American model, actress, and retired professional wrestler. She is primarily known for her time in WWE. Brock Lesnar was born on July 12, 1977, which makes him 39 years old.

#2 Michelle McCool & The Undertaker

15 years Michelle McCool was born on January 25, 1980, which makes her 37 years old. The Undertaker was born on March 24, 1965, which makes undertaker 52 years old.


#1 Paige & Alberto Del Rio

They have an age difference of 15 years Saraya-Jade Bevis (born 17 August 1992) is an English professional wrestler and actress currently signed to WWE under the ring name Paige. Alberto Del Rio was born on May 25, 1977, which makes him 39 years. Tell us what you think age difference matters in a relationship or not? Thank you so much for watching.


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