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Tekken is a perfect fun fighting game with an excellent set of characters; even the first incarnation of the game has many eye-catching characters. Today Tekken is famously known for its wacky stories and insanely strong opponents, which keep the game alive for many years since its first incarnation. Let’s see the top 10 Tekken characters.


10. Wang Jinrei

Wang jneriWang Jineri firstly appeared in the original game, and after that, he comes in every series with little modification except the Tekken 3, Tekken 4, and Tekken 7. He is known for reaching the end stages of the “King of the Iron Fist Tournament”. He drew the marshal law instead of losing in Tekken 2, while in Tekken 5, he loses from Jin Kazama, who was advanced in age. Wang’s fighting style is very comfortable, and the opponents usually don’t understand it. He usually doesn’t kill his opponent and give enough time to him to admit the defeat. So, you can understand that how strong would have been the young wang Jinrei.

9. Hwoarang

HWOARANGHwoarang firstly appeared in Tekken 3, and after that come in all the subsequent series. This powerful character of the Tekken series known for his collection of powerful kicks. So, we can say he never actually lost from a regular person. Still, Kazuya and Heihachi are the toughest opponents for the Hwoarang, and they have the power to beat him. Almost no one can beat the Hwoarang easily due to his laser-focus to beat Jin.

8. Lars Alexandersson

Lars AlexanderssonLars Alexanderson first appeared in Tekken 6, and after that, became one of the main characters of the series. He was never seen to lose from anyone and ended up winning against strong opponents like Jin. The winning against strong opponents gets him to the top rankings. He is one of the Tekken series characters who have never been removed from the story as his erratic offense almost impossible for everyone to read. The youthful rage of Lars Alexandersson contributes to his attacks and makes him a truly dangerous individual of the series.

7. Paul Phoenix

Paul PhoenixPaul Phoenix was debut in the very first Tekken series, and after that, he appears in every subsequent series. He is one of those characters of the series who are known for their aggression and popularity. Although he never won a single tournament, but he proves that he is one of the best fighters in the world. Paul Phoenix doesn’t have any plot armor or intrinsic powers, but he has beaten the best out there due to his unique skills. In Tekken 3, Paul beat the Ogre, but Ogre turned out into a true Ogre before Paul know of this. Paul beat the Ogre and walk away to show that he was the most superior human being of all the time.

6. Heihachi Mishima

HeiachiHeihachi Mishima is also one of those characters who debuted in the very first Tekken game, and after that, appeared in every subsequent series. However, his impact was decreased in Tekken 5, where he became a minor character of the story. But in Tekken seven, Heiachi again appeared as one of the main characters of the game. His powers are still hidden as we don’t know how he could beat the Devil Kazumi and Devil Kazuya. He becomes more dangerous when he wanted to achieve his goals as he sealed his father away to die and killed his son and wife on fairgrounds.

5. Kazuya Mishima

KazuyaKazuya Mishima also appeared in every sequel of the Tekken series except Tekken 3. In Tekken 3, he only made two cameo appearances. He is known as the son of Heihachi Mishima and Kazumi Mishima and father of Jin Kazama in the Tekken series. He gets the higher rank in Tekken 7 by proving that he is more powerful than his father. No human character can hope to beat the Kazuya due to his powerful skills, but he also lacks molarity like his father and can brutally kill his opponent when needed.

4. True Ogre

True ogreTrue Ogre is a fictional character who appeared as a villain in the Tekken series. He was a final boss in Tekken 3 series, but in Tekken Tag Tournament, he was a sub-boss. He beat all the supreme fighters except Paul. His unique abilities include firey breathing and flying. True Ogre should also beat Jin due to his mysterious abilities, but he only lost due to storyline purposes. He is extremely powerful with his big size and unique skills.

3. Jinpachi Mishima

Jin PachiIt’s another fictional character of the Tekken series and the main toughest character of the Tekken 5. He was the very first unplayable character of the Tekken series. But in the PlayStation 3 version of the Tekken 5, he was fully playable. The incredible powers of the Jinpachi make him unique as he can spit fireballs, stun the fighter in inertia, and his exterior is almost impenetrable. You always need a specific game character to beat the Jinpachi; otherwise, he will be unplayable for you.

2. Azazel

AzazelAzazel is a second villain after the Ogre and is known as a main opponent of the Tekken 6. He closely related to the Mishima family due to his connection with Devil Gene. Azazel can destroy their opponents in seconds due to the variety of his powers. We can’t even list his powers as he has almost all the powers, which you can imagine. Even the Jin victory over Azazel is considered as some plot device as he punches the Azazel to its death. He is so powerful that the gamers hate this character as you almost don’t have a chance to win the game when you are fighting against him.

1. Jin Kazuma

Jin KazumaJin Kazuma is number one on the list due to its ability to beat all the characters of the game. He is one of the most popular characters of the series and featured on almost every packaging of the Tekken series since its introduction. Jin Kazuma also appears as an anti-villain character in Tekken 6 and took the role of supporting character in Tekken 7. He is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama and the great-grandson of the Jinpachi Mishima. Jin Kazuma brings the victory against every opponent he faced, including the win against True Ogre in Tekken 3, Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima at Tekken 4, Jinpachi Mishima in Tekken 5, and the victory against Lars in Tekken 6.

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