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There are many incredible and beautiful places in the world where summer never ends throughout the year. Mostly these places include the beach resorts where people love to travel.

In this article, we are going to cover the top 10 best resorts where you can travel during your summer vacations. So, scroll through the list and pick your favorite destination to travel to this summer.

10. Cayo Espanto

Cayo Espanto Cayo Espanto is an island of Belize in the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the most popular islands of Belize, which is administratively a part of the Belize District. Until 1977, the island has no name.

But in December 1998, US-American estate agent Jeff Gram opened up a resort, which becomes a popular destination and many celebrities visit there, including the Leonardo di Caprio. Cayo Espanto is the cheapest luxury hotel resort on our list.


9. Turtle Island

Turtle Island It is a small island of Bermuda located in the Harrington Sound. There are many stories associated with its name, as many Native American cultures use it. Turtle Island is about 30 meters from the mainland and connected with it through electric-powered cable.

It is the most popular tourist attraction in Bermuda, with only one house on the island. They charge around $1632-2390 per night to stay in this resort.


8. Fregate Island

Fregate IslandFregate Island is a private island in Seychelles, which is around 2.07 square kilometers. It’s well known for the beach “Anse Victorin”, which is listed as the “World’s Best Beach” by The Times. Fregate Island name is associated with the abundantly found frigate birds on the island.

The island is covered with takamaka, cashew, and Indian almond trees. You will also found the two species of turtles on this island as it’s a nesting habitat for these species. It’s also a cheap but luxury island resort.

7. Altamar Ticao island beach resort            

Altamar Ticao island beach resort It is one of the major resorts in the Ticao area, which promotes tourism in this specific region. Altamar Ticao island is perfectly designed to provide their visitors an unforgettable stay.

But it’s an expensive little beach on the list, which requires $4714 per night to stay on the beach.



6. The Rania Experience Resort

Altamar Ticao island beach resort The Rania Experience Resort is located on a very small island of the Maldives.

You can easily visit the whole island just in 8 minutes. It is a custom-built private island residence with a capacity of a maximum of 12 people.

This special island provides you the private valets, an internationally qualified group of chefs, unlimited diving with PADI dive instructors, and spa counselors. You need to have around $9500 per night to stay on this luxury island.


5. Casa Contenta beach luxury Resort

Casa Contenta beach luxury ResortIt’s another luxury resort on the list, which is located 60km north of Puerta Vallarta. Casa Contenta resort is a perfect representation of the beach luxury resort. It is one of the highly-rated resorts due to its cleanliness and offers you a raised outdoor pool, spa facilities, and terraces with panoramic views of the Sierra Laguna Mountains.

You will get a free breakfast there, including the home-baked bread, Mexican-style eggs, French toast, seasonal fruit, and smoothies. But make sure you have around $11600 per night to enjoy the vacations on Casa Contenta beach luxury resort.

4. Musha cay Island resort

Musha cay Island resortMusha cay island resort is another private resort located in the Bahamas. You can book the resort for your special ceremonies and stay there with your maximum 23 friends.

Musha Cay Island serves you many inclusive foods, fine wines, champagne, and amenities, costing you around $24750 per night.

3. Sandy Lane

Sandy LaneSandy Lane Island is one of the most enviable locations in the Caribbean, which is perfectly set on the western coast of Barbados. It’s also referred to as the platinum coast due to the beauty of the beach. You just need a 40 minutes’ drive from the Grantley Adams International airport to reach Sandy Lane.

You almost have $25000 per night to stay on Sandy Lane. But some cheap options are also available, like $8000 per night.

2. Necker Island Hawaii

Necker Island HawaiiIt is a small island of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands located in the Pacific Ocean. According to the United States Census Bureau reports, the island consists of 45.193 acres of the rocky surface with steep sides.

It has very little soil, with the highest elevation of 277 feet. Necker island is one of the most expensive beach resorts in Hawaii, and you require $30000 per night to stay in this luxury beach resort.

1. Luxury Isla Sa Ferradura

Luxury Isla Sa FerraduraIt is the world’s most expensive resort in Spain, situated on the north coast of Ibiza. Isla Sa Ferradura is a private island and connected with the mainland by a small, hidden two-sided beach. This can be your ideal setting for your special events and gatherings with three sitting rooms and multiple terraces with bars.

The main place of this expensive resort is the 750-meter square rooftop terrace with its spectacular sea view. You must have around $42000 per night to stay on this World most expensive resort. But if you have enough money, this can be the best choice to spend the summer holidays.

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