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Many serious WWE fans don’t want to see the comedy moments in pro wrestling, but WWE comes with some hilarious moments with time. However, WWE can’t get much popularity during the PG era, still many WWE moments, which can lead you to uncontrollable laughing. Sometimes laughs come unintentionally in the WWE as most of these moments are unplanned. Let’s see the top 10 funniest moments in WWE history.


10. John Laurinaitis think He’s CM punk

At the start of his career, John Laurinatis considered one of the bad and boring onscreen characters. But after that, he turns completely into a different character and is known for his dry comedian personality in the WWE with the name “Mr. Excitement”. After that incident, John Laurinaitis thinks it can be more entertaining if he doesn’t show any emotions.

9. The Rock ‘Serenades ‘the city of Sacramento

2003 was the end of an attitude era, where many wrestlers retire from professional wrestling, including the Cold Steve Austin. Before his retirement, he decided to face the Rock at WrestleMania XIX in Seattle. But The Rock makes a plan of a concert for the greatest people of Sacramento before the WrestleMania event where The Rock comments, “Yeah, I’m from Fresco, all of three hours away,” which is absolutely iced with sarcasm. It generated heat in less than 70 seconds, and no one appreciated this comment by The Rock.

8. The Demon king goes to B&Q

NXT started in 2010 and became one of the most famous and consistent brands of the WWE. The famous encounters under this brand include the tag team action, Bayley vs. Asuka, and Samoa vs. Demon King Finn Balor. The wrestler’s lover love to see the Balor entrance, which was a spectacle in the demon persona.

Usually, Balor prowls around according to his theme, and the fans join him, but this time fans just decided that the Balor also bring a Chainsaw in the ring, which makes the whole thing ridiculous as the Balor was naturally a spooky character, and there is no explanation for him to bring to chainsaw in the ring. The addition of power tools in the ring makes things exciting for the fans, but it’s just ludicrous. It’s considered one of the coolest and entertaining entrances for the fans in WWE’s history.

7. Batista Gets the Blues

In 2014, Batista returned to WWE, but things were not going with the plan. People were not as happy as he was going to do that at the expense of people’s favorite “Daniel Bryan”. But the audience sensed the things quickly and started to chant Bootista after he puts the two brilliant matches.

In the second encounter in 2014, Batista shows off a natty new all-blue ring gear, which proves a mistake, and the WWE’s universe starts chanting “Bluetista,” commentary team and Twitter quickly latched onto. It’s given a great chance to the fans to chant on the big Blue boy, who reacts to this badly by taking it to heart, still in 2019. Although there is a point for Batista’s bad reactions, it’s great fun for the fans to see how Batista rattled off this chant.

6. Egg on Gene’s Face

Gobble Gooker is famously known for ending his spot with his famous egg-hatching character. It was very interesting for the crowd to see that a giant-sized turkey came from an egg and danced with the mean Gene. Its look very hilarious for the crowd, when the WWE asked them what would be in the egg. The crowd was very excited and surprised to see inside the egg as Gene promised something interesting to the crowd.

5. DX impersonates Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon was a stubborn and abrasive character both behind the scene and on the camera. But fans were very excited when the DX consisting of Triple H and HBK impersonated the McMahons in a very funny moment.

During this match, DX makes fun of Vince McMahon as no one has made before. As the match was going towards completion, HBK danced like McMahon after losing the match.

4. A Scary Laugh between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar

Funny moments occur in WWE history when you see something, which you are not expecting at that time. The match between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar also belongs to one of those unexpected moments. Fans were expecting a nail-biting thriller, but both of them instead start laughing.

Because of how serious their characters are, this moment was just unbelievably funny. Brock ended up laughing about the situation he was in, as he couldn’t put the Deadman away, but what happened next took things to another level.

The Undertaker simply sat up, stared back at the Beast, and burst out laughing himself. It was a crazy moment of madness between them, but it was utterly hilarious.

3. Chris Jericho Claims He is a Conspiracy Victim

After winning the Cruiserweight Championship, Chris Jericho try to polish his mike skills. He gets 30 seconds spot during his championship run to express his feelings on every telecast.

After this loss, he traveled to Washington, D.C, to find a way to go over the WCW president just before Nitro. The purpose of his travel was to look for a “WCW title belts section” through the library of congress. Obviously, he doesn’t find such a book in the library.

2. Anger Management with Kane & Daniel Bryan

Kane was always considered as one of the evilest characters in WWE, and no one can think that he will be involved in the funniest moments of the decade. This scariest character of WWE history proves himself a comedy genius alongside Daniel Bryan.

Team Hell No became incredibly popular for a reason, and it wasn’t to do with the in-ring work. It was all down to the hilarious backstage segments that Kane and Bryan taped together. That segment became one of the funniest backstage segments of all time. All credit goes to Daniel Bryan and Kane.

1. Vince McMahon Pees his pants over a Fake Gun

It is the funniest and controversial moment of the Attitude Era when Vince McMahon Pees his pent over a Fake gun. The incident took place in the Austin and McMahon rivalry when the Rattlesnake made his way and wheeled the disabled McMahon in the ring. Austin pulled out the gun and pointed at McMahon’s head. Although it was a fake act, but McMahon pees his pant during the act.

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