Top 10 Expensive Foods of the World

Here is the list of top 10 Expensive foods in worlds. These Foods are expensive for a reason. Mainly these foods are rare and difficult to produce. We have created a video on this topic, which will help you to enjoy the list even more.

At Number 1 we have Dry-Cured Iberian Ham:

Iberian ham is a type of cured ham produced in Spain and Portugal. According to Spain’s denominación de Origen rules on food products, Dry-Cured Iberian Ham may be made from black Iberian pigs, or cross-bred pigs so long as they are at least 50% Iberian pig.


At Number 2 we have Japanese Wagyu Steaks:

Japanese Wagyu Steaks – a Japanese beef cattle breed – derive from local Asian farm animals. ‘WAGYU’ refers to all Japanese beef cattle, where ‘Wa’ way Japanese and ‘gyu’ approach cow. Wagyu has been originally draft animals utilized in agriculture and was selected for his or her physical staying power.



At Number 3, we have Saffron:

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, usually called the “saffron crocus.” The vibrant pink stigmata and styles, known as threads, are collected and dried for use in particular as a seasoning and coloring agent in meals. Saffron became long among the international’s most costly spices through weight.



At Number 4, we have The Golden Opulence Sundae:

The Golden Opulence Sundae is a sundae that is served through unique order on the New York City restaurant Serendipity three. In 2007 it changed into indexed in Guinness World Records as the most high-priced sundae in the international for US$1,000. The restaurant has stated that they sell approximately one in the whole month.


At Number 5 we have Kopi Luwak Coffee:

Kopi luwak, or civet espresso, is espresso that includes in part digested coffee cherries, eaten and defecated through the Asian palm civet. Fermentation happens because the cherries bypass thru a civet’s intestines, and after being defecated with other fecal rely, they’re gathered.


At number 6 we have Moose Cheese:

Moose cheese is cheese made from moose milk. Varieties of moose cheese are produced in Sweden by using Christer and Ulla Johansson in their vicinity, referred to as “Moose House” or “Elk House.” Three sorts of moose cheese are produced.



At Number 7 we have White Truffles:

Piedmont White Truffle or the white truffle or trifold d’Alba Madonna is a species of truffle within the order Pezizales and family Tuberaceae; it can only be found in southern Europe.



At Number 8 we have Margo’s Pizzeria Malta:

Margo’s Pizzeria Malta is selling a pizza with white truffles and 24-carat gold leaf and buffalo mozzarella over a thin, traditional crust at the Price of $2,400.



At Number 9 we have Swallows’ Nest Soup:

Edible nests are nests created by way of safe to eat-nest swiftlets, Indian swiftlets, and other swiftlets the use of solidified saliva, that is harvested for human consumption. They are especially loved in Chinese culture because of their rarity, supposedly excessive nutritional value, and flavor.


At Number 10 we have White Pearl Albino Caviar:

A unique kind of caviar, made from uncommon albino fish eggs and laced with 22-carat gold, is an idea to be the most sumptuous meal on earth. Priced at a superb $300,000 consistent with kilo (that’s approximately $40,000 in line with a teaspoon), ‘White Gold’ caviar can be served to the amazing wealthy at a number of the first-class eating places in the world.


So these were the Top 10 Expensive Foods of the World, we hope you enjoyed the list!


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