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There are many cutest animals in the world, which automatically attract people. These adorable animals make it hard to resist, but sometimes resistance is necessary as many cutest animals can actually kill you. If a big animal with sweet eyes, and beautiful fur looking at you, it’s doesn’t mean that you need to touch it. Many beautiful animals have self-protective nature that can be dangerous for humans. Even close friends like a dog can also carry any disease or shows aggressive behavior. It can attack you with strong bites, sharp claws, and sneaky attacks. So, in general, you always need to avoid touching wild animals in any environment. Let’s see the Top 10 Cutest Animals that are actually deadly.


1. Slow Loris

SLOW lORISSlow Loris belongs to Southeast Asia and the bordering areas of Bangladesh and Northeast India. Their large eyes with a variety of distinct colors attract many people. They have equal lengths of legs and arms with a long, flexible torso. This slow-moving creature loves to hang on branches to snack the insects, berries, and occasionally birds as well.

They are basically cuddly cobras with toxic glands, which makes their bites poisonous. Slow Loris uses their toxin-laced tongue to make themselves taste terrible for their predators. They make their fur poisonous to their predators. But their bite is also dangerous for humans, which can lead anyone to anaphylactic shock and death. So, make sure to be at a certain distance from this beautiful and cute creature.

2. Pandas

PandaaPandas are native to South-Central China, where they are also known as Panda bear. They are also found in many neighboring areas, including the Shaanxi and Gansu. They are mainly characterized by their black patches on the eyes, on the ears, and across the body. It’s a cute, big stuffed animal, which attracts many people.

But don’t become a fool due to its fluffy appearance as they have massive chewing muscles and teeth. They can easily kill and ruin a human being in just a few seconds. Even a train panda should also be kept in specific areas as they are famously known for attacking the people. Bamboo shoots are the only food source for Pandas, which help the pandas bear the forceful bite of the carnivores.

3. Moose

MooseIt’s a new member of the New World deer subfamily and mainly belongs to North America. Moose is the largest and heaviest member of the deer family. You can locate them in the boreal forest and mixed forests of the Northern Hemisphere. Currently, most of the family members live in Canada, Alaska, New England, New York State, Baltic States, and Russia. Their most common predators include wolves, bears, and humans.

This giant deer usually looks harmless as they avoid the humans and have non-aggressive behavior. But don’t come too close to the moose, as this massive deer can be responsible for your death. According to the Center for Disease control, this massive deer is responsible for about 42 deaths each year, which is even a great number than vehicular collisions.

4. Giant Anteaters

Giant AnteatersGiant Anteaters are also known as ant bears and native to Central and South America. It’s the biggest animal of the Anteaters family with 33 to 50kg weight and 182 to 217 cm length. They live in grassland and rainforest habitats. They use their claws and sticky tongue to collect the ants.

Giant Anteaters are slow-moving, and it looks that they are no threat for anyone rather than the ants, but think again as there are several reports about their attacks on humans. They are found roaming in the fields of South America and Central America, where they grow up to seven feet and attack the humans. Their sharp claws can tear the humans in no time and cause their death.

5. Mice

MiceMice is another cute, beautiful, and innocent creature on our list. Their most common type is the house mice, which are found all over the world. That’s why they are considered as one of the most successful living mammalians on the earth. It’s the second most popular creature on the earth after humans.

They can vary in size depending upon the area and their species. But don’t go on their size as they can be a big threat for anyone. These are the major source of crop damages and also responsible for spreading different diseases. Don’t go on their black eyes and furry title ears, as they are responsible for countless deaths and illnesses each year. They are responsible for spreading different diseases like leptospirosis, Hantavirus, salmonella, rat-bite fever, Lyme disease, typhus, and plague.

6. Beavers

BeaversBeavers are the second largest rodents found in North America. They are known for their stout bodies, large heads, long incisors, brown fur, and hand-like front feet. But don’t come too close to them as they can mess with you. Their massive and razor-sharp teeth are never stopped to grow.

They use these teeth to cut down the trees for their building material. Beavers are also prone to a virus “rabies,” so don’t come too close to the beavers when you see them near their dam. They also act aggressively towards humans due to this virus.

7. Leopard seal

Leopard SeaIt’s the second-largest species of the Antarctic seals, which is also known as the sea leopard. They prey on the cephalopods, pinnipeds, Krill, birds, and fiches. The killer whale is their natural predator. Their beautiful and long muscular body makes them very attractive to humans.

But people need to know that they are also known for their massive jaws, which make them one of the top predators in their environment. They are known killers of the penguins and very active in hunting humans.

8. Elephants

ElephantsThe elephant is the largest animal on the earth, with three species, including the African bush elephant, African forest elephant, and Asian elephant. Their unique shape, large ears, massive legs, and skin is very attractive. This biggest animal on the earth can stand up to 13 feet with 6 tons of weight.

They are also known for their human-friendly behavior, especially when they are trained. But don’t go on their unique features and behavior as they can kill you in no time. They are responsible for around 500 deaths each year.

9. Dolphins

DolphinsIt’s a commonly used name of the 40 different species of aquatic mammals. They are known for their human-friendly behavior but can grow up to the size of 5 to 7 feet long with 50 kg weight. The male dolphins are usually larger than the females.

They can travel at a speed of 29km/h. All the humans like to interact with Dolphins due to their cute and adorable look, but reportedly they are also attacking the other mammals, including the humans. So, don’t come too close to the dolphins.

10. Dogs

DogsThe dog is one of the most famous pet animals, which many families own. This four-leg family member is famously known for their human-friendly behavior. But don’t be a fool as they don’t take much time to become the worst enemy. Almost 4.5 million dog bite cases are reported each year, according to CDC. Thirty-nine people were killed by dogs in the United States in 2017.

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