Why Roman Reigns won against undertaker WrestleMania 33?

Why Roman Reigns won against undertaker?

So, Reigns’ victory over undertaker in Wrestlemania 33 represents a huge change that WWE has needed in an era where full-time stars have been positioned as beneath part-timers. Roman Reigns is a top merchandise seller now as we know John Cena is a part-timer now as he is 40 years old now, figures to supplant Cena in many more ways as his $2.1 million salary in 2016 will likely increase in years to come as the top guy. A Reigns VIP signing session was held at the same time as Samoa Joe, a favorite among the homogenous wrestling hipster community. Samoa Joe’s underground appeal led to a low turnout of attendees, and his session had to be ended 30 minutes early to be used as overflow for that of Roman Reigns. It’s Reigns’ world, everybody else is just booing in it. Goldberg and The Undertaker are both in their 50’s while Triple H is knocking on that door at 47 years of age. Brock Lesnar, 39, is in the final year of his WWE contract and another Reigns victory over Lesnar in a potential main event of WrestleMania 34 would allow WWE to finally journey forward with its full-time roster instead of depending on blockbuster stars from years past. So, WWE is looking to make a match against Brock and Roman in the upcoming Wrestlemania 34As both roman and brock have defeated undertaker in Wrestlemania 33 now people have a question in mind who is more powerful. To Solve this query they might have a main event between brock and Roman in Wrestlemania 34.

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