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If you are confused about the name of any kitchen item or you don’t know what you do with that kitchen item; Don’t need to worry. We have listed all the kitchen items that people use in their kitchens, along with their usage.

List of Kitchen Item Names:

Here is the list of 50 items that people have in their kitchens. We hope our list will help you find out your answer.

1. Chef’s Knife

Chefs Knife Kitchen Item NamesChef’s knife is a modern design knife that is used for multiple purposes in the kitchen. It can perform many tasks in your kitchen rather than concentrating on just one. You can use the chef’s knife for various purposes like slicing, vegetable chopping, meat slicing, and disjoining the large meat pieces.

2. Cutting Board

cutting-board-reviewA cutting board is a hard and durable board that is used for cutting the material in the kitchen. A kitchen cutting board helps to cut the different types of foods before cooking. The kitchen cutting boards made up of different materials, but the commonly used equipment for the cutting board is wood and plastic. These cutting boards come in different sizes depending upon their prices.

3. Can Opener

Can-opener-reviewA can opener is a useful item in your kitchen to open the steel cans. You can use this can to open your different types of cans that contain the necessary food materials. You can open the cans by taking the cans opener to the edge of the cans with digging the can lid.

4. Measuring Cups

Measuring cups Kitchen ItemsMeasuring cups are the essential items of any kitchen. You can use measuring cups in the kitchen to measure the quantity of liquid and other things. Moreover, these cups can also help you to measure solid ingredients like sugar and flour. Ther are different sizes of measuring cups available for various purposes in the kitchen.

5. Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons Kitchen Items NamesMeasuring spoons are very helpful to measure the size of all type of ingredients in your cooking process. These ingredients include the dry and liquid ingredients as well. These spoons have different materials with different sizes. The most used sizes of spoons in the cooking process are teaspoons and tablespoons.

6. Colander

Colander Kitchen ItemA colander is used to strain the different things in your kitchen. You can use it to strain the pasta, rice, or rinse the vegetables. It has little holes that remove any liquid from your food without losing the food. Sometimes people also use the term pasta strainer or kitchen sieve for the colander.

7. Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls Kitchen Items NamesMixing Bowls are used to combine the different food items in your kitchen. You can use it for mixing the different materials like dry ingredients, salads, and other food items. You can also use these bowls to store your kitchen food. These mixing bowls come in different sizes depending upon the need for your kitchen.

8. Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable-peeler-reviewA vegetable peeler is an excellent item to save your maximum time in the kitchen. A vegetable peeler consists of a sharp blade with a handle.  You can use the vegetable peeler to remove the outer skin of different vegetables. These vegetables include potatoes, carrots, and some fruit as well, like the apples and pears.

9. Potato Masher

Potato-masher-reviewSome food preparation requires the mash potatoes instead of the simple cut potatoes. A potato masher is used for crushing the potatoes for these types of dishes. You can also use the masher to mesh the other soft kind of food before cooking.

10. Whisk

Whisk-reviewWhisk is an essential kitchen item. You can use the whisk to blend the ingredients smoothly. Moreover, it helps in the process of whisking or whipping to incorporate the air into the mixture. A whisk is consists of a long handle with several wires which loops back into the handle.

11. Salad Spinner

salad-spinner-reviewSalad spinner helps you to remove the excess water from the salad. Some people call it a salad tosser. It works on a centrifugal principle to remove the water from the salad without diluting the salad dressing from the leaves.

12. Grater

grater-review.A grater is the right kitchen item to grate a different kind of food into small pieces. A grater has a different type of size, which helps you to grind the food into different sizes and shapes depending upon your cooking. There are a lot of sweet dishes which require the grater to grind the food before starting. A perfect grater has a handle above to provide you the maximum comfort while using.

13. Shears

shears-reviewThe main use of the shear is to open the different food items in the kitchen. It is also used to snipping the herbs, cutting the open food packaging, and breaking down the poultry. Some people also use it to cut the pizza and other bread items.

14. Citrus Juicer

Citrus-juicer-reviewIt is an important kitchen item to extract the juice of citrus fruit and some other vegetables. This juicer uses the process of shredding to extract the juice. These juicers have different varieties, including hand tools and electric tools. The electric type juicers can be used for the large quantity of juice.

15. Garlic Press

garlic-press-reviewIt is an essential tool in the kitchen to extract the garlic juice from the small holes below the garlic press. You can also get the garlic pulp and oil through this garlic press. So to remove the pulp from the garlic, it is necessary to clean put the garlic press immediately after the use.

16. Paring Knife

paring-knife-reviewA pairing knife has a plain edge, which is useful for all kinds of purposes in your kitchen. This knife is ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you can also use it for other small purposes like de-veining a shrimp, removing seeds from fruits, and cutting the little garnishes.

17. Bread Knife

Bread-knife-reviewA bread knife is one of those knives which are mainly used by the chefs in the kitchen. The main purpose of a bread knife is to cut the bread, but it can also use for many other tasks in the kitchen. It has serrated blades that help to cut the bread without deforming the bread.

18. Sharpening Ceramic Rod

sharpening-ceramic-rod-reviewSharpening rod is an essential kitchen item to save a maximum time of you in the kitchen. This rod helps to sharp the different types of knives in the kitchen. When you use this rod before every work, it sharps your knife and saves a lot of time. There are different types of sharpening rods available you can choose accordingly.

19. Stainless Steel Skillet

stainless-steel-skillet-reviewStainless steel is a versatile item of the kitchen that is used for multiple purposes in the kitchen. You can use it for sauteing, pan-frying, baking, braising, broiling, roasting, and for many more cooking purposes. The more seasoned skillet gives more taste to your food, whatever you are cooking. You can use different types of food for cooking, like cornbread or chicken.

20. Saute Pan

saute-pan-reviewThe saute pan and the skillet are almost the same, but the main difference is about the area. The skillet pan is usually angled from the corner, but the saute pan is straight, which gives it more area. So this pan is a perfect idea for the sauteeing, and searing. Moreover, this is also good for sauces and gravies.

21. Sauce Pan

sauce-pan-reviewThe saucepan is a versatile design that is used for multiple purposes, including boiling the water, making the sauces, making the soup, and for braising the food. These different pans are almost used for the same purposes depending upon the quantity of the food.

22. Pot

Pot-reviewPots are the large capacity kitchen items that are used for the preparation of a different kind of food in your kitchen. The main purposes of the pot in the kitchen are cooking the stews, porridge, boiled foods, steamed shellfish, and many more recipes. Sometimes these pots are also used for non-cooking purposes.

23. Grill Pan

grill-pan-reviewThe grill pan is a flat pan that is used for grilling the different chicken items in the kitchen. The Grill pans are usually preheated for 5 minutes before the use to heat the pan. You need to brush the oil on your food before cooking it in the grill pan. There is no direct oil put in the pan in the grilling process.

24. Baking Sheet Pan

baking-sheet-pan-reviewThe baking sheet pan is a rectangular plate that is used for baking purposes inside the oven. Because we can’t use the regular plates inside the oven due to their deforming nature, these plates are used to baking the bread roll, pastries, cookies, sheet cakes, and pizzas.

25. Muffin Pan

Muffin-pan-reviewMuffin pans come with the different creative uses to quickly prepare the food and save your time in the kitchen. You can use the muffin pan for freeze soup, backing the mini bowls, milk freezing, cinnamon rolls, and many other food items.

26. Casserole Dish

casserole-dish-reviewA casserole dish is a large pan that is used for multiple purposes in the kitchen. You use the casserole dish in the oven and as a serving dish as well. You can use this dish for vegetables, chicken, beef, and cheese. So the people also have known it as a casserole pan.

27. Broiler Pan

broiler-pan-reviewThe broiler pan is a special pan that is used for broiling the different things in the oven. You can use the broiler in the oven to broil the foods like steaks, roaster, poultry, and vegetables. People also have known this pan as a broiler roaster, oven roaster, and oven broiling pan.

28. Stock Pot

Stock-pot-reviewStockpots have great versatility and used for many different purposes in your kitchen. You can use a stockpot for cooking the stews, porridge, boiled food, and many other recipes. Sometimes these pots are also used for non-cooking purposes like storing things.

29. Spatula

spatula-reviewThe spatula is a handheld kitchen item that is widely used in the cooking process. It is used for lifting, flipping, and spreading different things. It has a long handle with a wide and thin blade to pick up the different things and keep your hand away from these things.

30. Slotted Spoon

slotted-spoon-reviewThis spoon has some slots on the blades. The slotted spoon is mostly used to retrieve the different food items from the cooking oil after the cooking. These spoons come in two sizes the ladle size and the table size, which are used for multiple purposes.

31. Stirring Spoon

stirring-spoon-reviewStirring spoons are used for cooking and preparing the meal in your kitchen. The stirring spoons help you to combine the ingredients for cooking, to scrap the bottom during cooking, and to mix the food items in the cooking pan. These are a different kind of stirring spoons which are used for various purposes.

32. Tongs

tongs-reviewTongs are individual kitchen items that are used to move, rotate, and turn the food during cooking. Peoples also use the tongs to fetch a full serving in one grab. Different types of tongs are used for multiple purposes like tongs for grilling, tongs for serving the salad, and serving the salad for spaghetti.

33. Ladle

Ladle-reviewThe ladle is a specially designed spoon which is used different cooking purposes in your kitchen. A ladle has a long handle with a deep bowl at the end. It is specially designed to lift various types of liquids. This type of spoon is used for making soup, stew, and other foods.

34. Oven Mitts

oven-mitts-reviewOven mitts or gloves are specially designed gloves that are used to protect your hands from hot objects in the kitchen. You need to wear these gloves for the ovens, stoves, and cookware, etc. These gloves are similar to the potholders.

35. Trivet

trivet-reviewA trivet is a kitchen item that is used in the serving process at home. A trivet is placed between the serving pan and the serving table to protect the table from the heat. The word trivet comes from the tripod, which is usually used to protect the pots from the open fire.

36. Splatter Gaurd

splatter-gaurd-reviewA splatter guard protects your kitchen from the spreading oil. When you fry something in your fryer pan, it split the fat around the pan. You need to cover the pan to prevent it from spreading the oil around. You can put the splatter guard on your fryer pan to prevent it from spreading the oil. This guard is also used when you are searing the meat in your kitchen.

37. Thermometer

thermometer-reviewA thermometer in the kitchen can be used to measure the internal temperature of the different food items. It is necessary to check the internal temperature of the different food items to ensure the proper cooking of this food. The thermometer is mostly used to check the internal temperature of meat, especially the roasts and steaks.

38. Immersion Blender

immersion-blender-reviewAn immersion blender is a special kitchen item to save your time in the kitchen while cooking. You can use your immersion blender for different purposes. The immersion blender can be used to make the different things in the kitchen like beating eggs, making smoothies, pureeing soup, making pesto sauce, and mixing salad dressing.

39. Kitchen Scale

kitchen-scale-reviewThe kitchen scale is used to measure the weight of different food items, vegetables, and other cooking ingredients. These scales are available in spring and balance mode. But if you need more accurate results, you can use the balance mode scale in your kitchen. You can use the scale to measure your ingredients for different recipes rather than measuring by volume.

40. Blender

blender-reviewBlender is used to grind some semi-solid ingredients as compared to an immersion blender, which is used for soft ingredients. You can use the blender to grind the fresh fruits and vegetables. It can also be used to blend the ice-cream, milk, and other sweet sauces.

41. Food Storage Containers

food-storage-containers-reviewFood storage containers used to store extra food. These containers can store the food at room temperature, in the refrigerator, and in the freezer. These containers come in different sizes depending upon the quantity of the food. Moreover, these containers can be made up of different materials.

42. Aluminum Foil

aluminum-foil-reviewAluminum foil is used in the storage process of the food. These foils can be used for multiple foods like to cover the baking surface, to wrap the meats, to prevent your food from losing moisture. People also use aluminum foil for protecting the vegetables.

43. Parchment Paper

parchment-paper-reviewIt is another kitchen item to protect the food in your kitchen. This paper is specially designed for oven use with moisture-resistant features. You can use this paper for different purposes like line the cake molds and baking sheet. It is also used to wrap the fish and other food.

44. Sponges

sponges-reviewSponges are used to clean out the different items in your kitchen. The sponges are made up of soft material, which has the ability to suck up the water solution for cleaning purposes. You can use it to clean out your pot, pans, plates, and other usual kitchen items.

45. Dish Rack

dish-rack-reviewThe dish rack is a mostly used item in your kitchen. Because you always need a proper rack to store your dishes and other small things after the cleaning. Dish rack has some special places for the different kitchen items, which also save your time on a daily basis. Different dish racks come in different features.

46. Ice Cube Tray

ice-cube-tray-reviewIce cube trays are used to get the small pieces of ice for different purposes. These trays are put in the refrigerator. Moreover, you can use these trays for multiple purposes like for making the mini fruit popsicles, frozen yogurt smoothies, crazy crayons, frozen breast milk, and many other purposes.

47. Trash Bin

trash-bin-reviewYou need a small trash bin in your kitchen to handle the small amount of wastage you get from the cooking material. Mostly, the kitchen trash bins are small and good looking to adjust in your kitchen. There are different styles and sizes of kitchen trash bins are available. You can choose anyone according to your kitchen style.

48. Bread Bin

bread-bin-reviewBread bins are the special boxes that are used to save the bread and other baked items from the outer environment. This bin keeps your baked food fresh for a long time. The bread bin is the main part of those kitchens where the bread is used daily.

49. Plastic Zipper Bag

plastic-zipper-bag-reviewPlastic zipper bags are also known as polybags or pouch bags, which are used for multiple purposes in the kitchen. These bags are a type of kitchen container. People use these bags to store different types of foods and ingredients. It is the most common form of packaging. You can also use it to store powder ingredients in the kitchen.

50. Kitchen Towels

kitchen-towels-reviewKitchen towels are used to dry out the dishes and other kitchen items after the washing. People use these towels to quickly dry their kitchen items. These towels have the ability to absorb a large amount of water and don’t leave a drop of water behind.


These were all the kitchen items names we have found and prepared a list for you. We hope you found this list useful and will share it with others on social media because Sharing is caring! Thank you


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