Ken shamrock WWE Wrestler ” No hall of Fame for him”

Ken Shamrock into the WWE Hall of Fame



WWE does not want to induct Ken Shamrock into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Why WWE don’t want to include Ken Shamrock in its hall of fame? when pro-wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer was asked on a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, whether the WWE has reached out to Ken Shamrock to include him into the WWE Hall of Fame. Dave Meltzer said that the company doesn’t seem interested in this idea.

Who is ken Shamrock?

Ken Shamrock is an MMA pioneer, he is the first UFC Superfight Champion. He was involved in many high-profile fights in the history of Mixed martial arts(MMA). Ken was part of both UFC as well as Pride FC. Shamrock was an ex-wrestler in WWE. Shamrock dabbled in pro-wrestling, with the most memorable of his rivalries with The Rock. He was WWF intercontinental and tag team champion and was king of the Ring in 1998. Dave Meltzer also said that Shamrock has reached WWE many times but they are not showing any interest in him. They consider him of no use for business.

Should WWE include him into a hall of fame?

Why not? if the WWE can list Donald Trump in the celebrity section of its Hall of Fame, then why not to include Ken Shamrock.

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