How to survive wild Animals attack?

If you look at the statistics, you may be feeling terrified as many Wild animals are very dangerous and fatal for a person. When we see the statistics, sharks cause six deaths in a year, lions kill 22 people per year, elephants are responsible for 500 people deaths worldwide, and hippopotamuses also causes around 500 deaths each year.

But the most dangerous are Crocodiles, and snakes as a Crocodile causes one thousand people deaths each year, and snakes are responsible for one lakh people’s deaths. You need to know about some useful techniques to prepare himself for any such an unpleasant encounter. Let’s see some helpful survival tips to prevent any wild animal attack.

1. How to survive a shark attack?

how to survive shark attackSharks are one of the most dangerous sea animal, which are known for attacking the humans. But only twenty species attack the humans from almost one hundred and fifty species of sharks. They can easily smell the blood and urine so it’s difficult to break away a shark when it’s interested in you.

Unfortunately, if you meet a shark face to face, don’t be panic; move slowly and look at the eyes and gills as these are the most sensitive parts of the sharks.


2. How to survive a snake attack?

surviving snack attackSnakes are also responsible for many deaths each year, and most of people get bitten when they try to catch this reptile without any safety. Even many snakes are not poisonous, but still the death ratio of the people due to snake bite is higher in the world. You need to stop and stomp your feet whenever a snack following you. The snake will confuse with the fast vibration of your feet and leave you alone.

Unfortunately, if a snake bites you, don’t suck the poison from the wound, as it’s only happened in movies. You need to wash the bite with clean running water and call an emergency.


3. How to survive a lion attack?

How to survive a lion attack?Lion is one of the most dangerous animal in the jungle, which can simply tear you just in few seconds. So, it’s important to know how to survive lion attack? Your impressions and focus are very important when you are facing the lion.

Make sure to keep an eye on the lion movements and don’t turn your back. You can also speak loudly with a confident voice to prevent the lion attack.


4. How to survive the bull attack?

surviving bull attackBulls can’t turn themselves easily, which makes it little easier to survive the bull attack. Whenever a bull running towards you, stay straight and use your T-short or hat to change the bull direction as you see in the bull festival of Spain.

Bulls are mostly known for following the red color, but you can use any color object to distract the bulls.


5. How to survive an elephant attack?

surviving elephant attackElephants are known for their human friendly behavior, but they can be dangerous especially the female elephants.

When you faces an elephant, try to focus on their body language. If you see the elephant trunk is curled, and ears are pulled back, it’s not good for you. Don’t try to run when an elephant follow you, the best way to survive is the finding of any barrier like tree, or stone.


6. How to survive a Rhinoceroses attack?

surviving rhinos attackRhinoceroses are very shy in nature, and try to avoid he humans. But they can also attack you, when you enter in their territory. Whenever a Rhinoceroses attack you, don’t think about running as they can run up to the speed of 37 miles per hour.

But, fortunately their weak eye site help you to provoke them. You can hide in bushes, or behind the tree to survive the attack.


7. How to survive a jellyfish attack?

how to survive jellyfish attackJelly fish burn can be long lasting if you don’t care about it. You need to quickly wash the burnt place with salt water to prevent long lasting effects. After this practice you can simply use the stick or any tweezers to remove any remaining part of the jellyfish.

You can also use the antihistamine ointment on the burnt place to get the good results.


8. How to survive crocodile attack?

surviving crocodile attackIt’s very difficult to get free once you stuck in the crocodile jaws as they apply the strongest force by nature. But you can hit on the sensitive parts of the crocodile like eyes and throat to escape. If a crocodile is following you in the ground, try to run zigzag.

But in the water the scenario is completely different as an unwanted noise in the water can draw the attention. Try to be as quite as possible in the water, and swim away without creating too mush splashes.


9. How to survive a Kangaroo attack?

surviving kangaroos attackIt’s another shy animal in the list, and it can be shocking for many people to read about Kangaroo attack. But they can also pose a threat for people, and can be serious due to their jumping nature.

You can simply move back slowly, don’t turn your back and run. Kangaroos are very good jumper, and can catch up you in a few seconds.


10. How to survive a bear attack

surviving bear attackBear can be very dangerous when you need to face him at wrong time on wrong place. But your impression and behavior play an important role when you are facing the bear. Make sure to don’t run, if you run bear will consider you a prey and follow you till the last moment. If you are thinking that you can beat the bear in running, forget it as a bear can also reach up to 30 miles per hour speed.

Try to behave like you are dead by covering your neck, it may help the bear to don’t consider you a threat. Continue your acting until the bear leave you alone and move away from this area.


11. How to survive a Gorillas attack?

surviving gorilla attackGorillas are known for saving their territory and family on any cost. Usually, they don’t attack the humans unless the humans are behaving obediently.

Unfortunately, if gorilla attacked on you, try to curl into a ball, don’t attack on it as the gorillas are proud animals and don’t interested in the weak opposition.


12. How to survive a Hippopotamuses attack?

surviving Hippopotamuses attackHippopotamuses are very cute vegetarian animal, which is a big misleading factor about it.

Don’t run when you face them thinking about their overweight, they can reach up to 18.5 miles per hour. Hippopotamuses are known for their bad character, especially during the hot weather. You can simply climb up on a near tree, or a steep hill until the hippo goes away.


13. How to survive a Bees attack?

surviving bees attackSmall bees can also attack you, and even deadly in many serious cases. They mostly attack the humans to survive their hive. If you have wearing the dark colors, it can be more deadly as dark colors are most attractive for them.

If the Bees are following you, you can hide in a dark place as the lack of proper light can lead the bees to wrong track.


14. How to survive dog attack?

surviving dog attackDogs can also be deadly in some worse cases, especially when you fear and run in panic. Your impressions play an important role when a dog attack you.

Still if the dog trying to attack you, put anything in between you and dog like stick, or jacket. Unfortunately, if the dog going to bite you, try to protect your face, and consult with the doctor quickly.

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