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There are many animals which are much intelligent than your thinking. These animals include the different creatures of the land and oceans. These creatures can make your day perfect when you found exciting things about them. So when you are just dull, you can go for some interesting facts about the animals, these can make your day perfect.

Usually, these animals include cats, dogs, and many other pet animals. People typically know about these types of animals. Still, there are a lot of other creatures in the ocean and on the earth which have many exciting things to know about them. These things can be associated with their name, lifestyle, habits, and look. Let’s discuss some fun facts about the animals which can surely make you smile.



Squirrels are responsible for planting thousands of trees all around the world.

squirrelsIt can be exciting for many people to know that squirrels are responsible for trees planting all our world. Because they are tiny in size, and people usually don’t think that a squirrel can be accountable for this act. But in reality, the squirrels play a vital role in the environment. The squirrels just buried their acorns and forgot about it. Whenever you see the squirrels digging in your yard, there can be two reasons for this; may the squirrels try to find out the food or just storing their food for future use. But as mentioned earlier as well, they usually forget about the storing place of their diet. This act of the squirrels is responsible for the thousands of trees planting every year.

The other interesting facts about the squirrels include their front teeth growth, their zigzag escaping technique, and a newborn baby squirrel size. An infant squirrel baby has only one-inch in size. Squirrels’ front teeth grow during all their life period.


Dragonflies create a heart with their tails during mating.

dragonflyDragonfly’s different moves are traditionally known for different meanings. These moves known for symbolizing change, transformation, adaptability, mark a sign of spiritual growth, and emotional maturity. So whenever you see a dragonfly flying around you, this can have different traditional meanings. Moreover, the dragonflies are also known to love in various unique ways. One of their special love symbols is making of heart with their tails during mating. So this can be very interesting for many people. Moreover, it is thought that the dragons are on the earth from the past 300 million years.


The males are known as a peacock, while the females are called peahens.

PeacockUsually, people call the peacock to male and female as well, and they don’t think the females are called peahens. So whenever this is told to the people, this is very shocking and funny for the people. Because people usually know about hens. They don’t think that the females are called peahens.

But we need to know that this family together is known as the peafowls. So we can simply say that a female peafowl is known as the peahens. You can also judge them from their color, which is usually brown, gray, and cream. Moreover, the female peafowl has a white belly as compared to male peafowl. The other interesting facts about the peacocks are their flying feature despite their heavy body.

Rats laugh when tickled

We know about the feelings of humans when tickled, and some universities also explore the human brain when tickled. It is also observed that the rats are love to tickle on their back. The rats are usually known for their high-pitched sound during tickle; this sound is associated with their laughing. Moreover, the tickle stops, the rats look for hands around. This kind of behavior of the rats is very funny to know for many people.

There are many other amazing things associated with rats like rats take care of their injured fellow in the group, rats have a good memory, and rats become depressed when lonely.

A snail can sleep for three years

snailSnail is an ocean animal and can sleep for three years. Yes, three years. People usually know about the hibernation state of the frag, which only consists of a few months. But the snail sleeping state is exciting and funny for many people because three years period is not just a small number.

This is due to the snail universal feature, as a snail can live everywhere on the earth. Moreover, this is also interesting that a snail only lives for a maximum of 10 years. During these ten years, a snail may spend 3 to 6 years in just sleeping as a snail can sleep for a maximum of three years, as discussed above.

Moreover, it is also interesting to know about the ducks that a male duck is called a drake, a female duck is called a hen, and a baby duck is called a duckling.

Ducks love a ride on waves

DucksWe all know that the ducks love to spend the time in the water, especially in some pools and flowing streams as well. But it is observed that the ducks are not just simply swimming in the water. They love to ride on the waves. Especially on the ocean waves, they only ride on them and go back to do it again and again. So we can say that riding on the ocean waves can be their favorite hobby. It is exciting and funny to know about the ducks.

Cat’s Meow

The cat’s meow is only for communicating with humans.

CatsWe have already observed that the cats are using the voice “meow” around us to get the attention. But it is exciting to know that we rarely found the two cats using the same voice to communicate with each other. So we can say that the cat’s meow is just for communicating with humans. These furry friends love to spend time with humans and use these voices to communicate with them. They also use this voice to contact with their mothers. So we can say that cats only use this voice to communicate with humans and their mothers.

Moreover, cats also connect their heads with humans to show that they are feeling safe. The other interesting facts about the cats include the 70% sleeping time of their whole life, their walking style like camels, and their intelligent nature.

Baby elephants self-soothe

baby elephantPeople usually know about the self-soothing of human babies and don’t know about the baby elephant self-soothe. It is funny to tell you that even baby elephants are also self-soothe, like humans. Elephant babies use different soothing techniques like thumb-sucking and trunk-sucking for their comfort. You can simply observe this move of the elephant’s baby in the zoo or any other place where you can simply found a baby elephant’s. Whenever you will witness to see that you will agree that this is an exciting and funny act by the baby elephants. Moreover, a baby elephant is also called a calf. Due to stays with their mother for the first few months of his birth.


Octopus has three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood.

OctopusOur ocean contains a lot of mysterious species. These species include the different mind-blowing and beautiful sea-creatures, one of them is the octopus. It is exciting to know that a giant Octopus has three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood. Moreover, the eight arms of these creatures make it amazing among the sea-creatures. There is only one central brain with eight other small brains to control the nervous system. Two hearts are for pumping the blood to their gills and 1 for the rest of their body. Moreover, they also are known for the spreading of toxic ink during hunting.

The other interesting facts about the octopus include their intelligent nature, squeezing in the narrower spaces, and their boneless body. The boneless body of the octopus helps it to squeeze through the tighter areas.

Male sea horses

Male sea horses give birth to their babies.                                        

SeahorseYes, you are reading the right. The male sea horses give birth to their babies. They can give birth to the 2000 babies at a time. These are the only living thing of the earth where the males give birth the babies. The male sea horses just pouch on their stomach and give birth to their babies.

The other interesting facts about the sea horse are their 40 known species and their swimming nature in pairs. You will always see the snails are swimming in groups as compared to many other sea creatures.

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