Fastest way to lose weight by Arnold Schwarzenegger [Interview]

The fastest way to lose weight

We interviewed Arnold on how we can lose weight in a fast way. He answered us with his amazing knowledge. We all know he is a bodybuilding legend. We all respect him for all his work. He is a hard-working guy thought out his life in bodybuilding in movies even in elections. He always makes sure that no stone remains unturned. So, he answered us on our question about the fastest way to lose weight from the belly.

Watch the fastest way to lose belly:

Ways to Lose Belly Fat:

Overweight to a normal range does not necessarily mean you are unhealthy. There are actually many people around you who are overweight people who are in excellent health. On the other hand, many normal weight people have metabolic problems associated with obesity. The reason is the fat under the skin is actually not a big problem. It’s a problem look wise means people feel they are not looking good in clothes (it’s more of a cosmetic problem instead of health problem). It’s the fat in the abdominal area, the belly fat, that causes the biggest issues in our health. If you have a lot of fat around your waist, even if you’re not very heavy or a skinny looking guy, then you should take some steps to get rid of it. Belly fat is usually estimated by measuring the circumference around your waist.

How to measure belly fat:

Measuring belly fat is not that difficult. This can easily be done at home with a simple tape measure. Anything above 40 inches (102 cm) in men and 35 inches (88 cm) in women, is known as belly fat (abdominal obesity). There are actually a few proven strategies that have been shown to target the fat in the belly area more than other areas of the body.

Proven ways to lose belly fat:

  • Hydration is very important. If you keep yourself hydrated you will feel more energy, not just energy but it also helps you to burn more calories up to 30% faster.  What water actually do to you watch this video or read 50 amazing benefits of drinking water.

  • Stop eating sugar and avoid sugar-related drinks, Soda Bottles. Simply added sugar in anything is very unhealthy. Studies show us that it has a very bad effect on metabolic health if we use products with added sugar. If we speak technically Sugar is half glucose and half fructose. In the process of metabolism, fructose can only be metabolized by the liver in any significant amount. When we eat a lot of refined sugar, the liver gets overloaded with fructose, it all turns into fat.
  • Protein is a good way to lose fat. Eating more protein is a good long-term strategy to reduce belly fat. Protein is a very important macro-nutrient when we talk about losing weight. Now if we talk in the language of science, protein has been shown us to reduce cravings by 60%. 60% is a big number we are on the winning side. Protein boosts metabolism by 80-100 calories per day and helps us to eat fewer calories actually 441 fewer calories per day. If weight loss is your goal, then adding protein in our diet is one of the most effective changes you can do to your diet plan.
  • Cut carbs from your diet. Cutting Carbs can if also very effective technique followed by many athletes and bodybuilders from around the world. It is also proved by many studies that if you only stop taking fewer carbs you will automatically lose weight.
  •  Focus on eating foods with a good amount of fiber in them. It is often claimed by many athletes that eating plenty of fiber can help with weight loss. It’s actually true, but it’s important for you to keep in mind that not all fiber is created equal.
  • Exercise is very effective if you want to lose weight. Why we are writing it down because people just thought if they go to the gym and do some regular exercise they will lose weight and that’s not true at all. Running is a good exercise as your goal is to burn calories. Weight training is also very helpful in losing weight. Try a mix of weight training and running exercises.
  • Always track what you eat figure out exactly what and how much you are eating, Calculation is very important. What you are eating is important and you know what you are eating is way more important for you. Everyone knows this but nobody actually does that. People just simply neglect these steps. People think they are eating low carbs and high protein going gym daily is enough to lose weight.


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