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Dogs are one of the most popular companions for people all over the world. People love to have these four-leg family members in their homes. Over the past 25 years, Labrador retriever is listed as the number one dog breed in the United States by the American Kennel Club. But from the past few years, many other breeds are challenging the Labrador retriever for the number one spot, including the bulldog and French bulldog.

Today these breeds are also gaining tremendous popularity among families. But still, the Labrador retriever is maintaining its number one spot in the popularity graph. The below list contains the most recent top dog breeds in the United States.

1. Labrador retriever

Labradog RetriverLabrador retriever maintaining its top positions for the past 25 years due to its unique colors and habit. This beautiful, smart, and fun-friendly breed is most popular all over America.

They always love to please their owners, which makes them guides, search, and rescue dogs. Sometimes people are also a little irritated due to their natural barking habit, but they are so intelligent and can easily be trained for good habits during an early age.

2. German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd DogThe German shepherd is a truly hardworking and intelligent dog. These dogs are also known as extremely versatile and gorgeous. Originally, this breed belongs to Germany and very popular all over the world due to its long coat.

The German shepherd is extremely loyal, which makes them a perfect trusted companion. They often work as police dogs and service dogs due to their intelligent nature.

3. Golden retriever

Golden Retriver The golden retriever is another family-friendly pet on the list with a unique look and some other features. This fun-loving breed is perfectly fit in families with young children. But make sure to take special care about their grooming to maintain their perfect look.

Golden retriever dog is also a good skilled worker and very popular to use as a companion, guide dog, search dog, and rescue dog. If you are a little worried about barking, this is one of the best dog breeds for you as they are known for their less barking habits than many other breeds.

4. French bulldog

French BulldogFrench bulldogs are known for their mixed nature as sometimes they like to run and play and sometimes just want to lie around and be loved. Make sure not to leave them alone for much time as they don’t spend more time without human contact and attention.

You need to take some special care about their diet as they have unique eating habits and approximately need 25 to 30 calories per pound each day. It’s a quiet breed in the list, which doesn’t bark a lot. If you wanted to train them for some task, make sure to start training early as this is the age when they have more picking power.

5. Bulldogs

BulldogsToday, it is one of the fastest-growing dog breed in the United States in term of popularity. Bulldogs are fun and loveable and known for their calm nature. They usually don’t prefer the ton of exercise and like to stay home for maximum time.

It’s a small size breed and loves to spend some time on the lawn with kids. But you don’t need to worry as they are not too much noise like the other small breeds.

6. Beagles

BeaglesIt’s another small breed on the list, which is mostly like a larger foxhound in appearance. They know for their eating habits and love to eat meats, popcorn, wheat, grains, peanut, cheese, yogurt, and fish.

Beagles have some special hunting techniques and love to hunt rabbits and foxes. Unlike the Bulldogs, they prefer to explore and keep their noses active all the time. You can also take them for short walking trips as they love to have a little bit of exercise daily.

7. Poodles

PoodlesPoodles come in three different sizes, standard, miniature, and toy. It is one of the most famous breeds in the list known for its playful nature and regularly appears in the annual dog shows.

They are smart, easy to train, and eager to please their owners. Most families prefer the poodle due to its perfect look, but grooming plays an important role in maintaining their unique look.

8. Rottweiler

Rottweiler Rottweiler is a domestic dog, which comes in medium, and large sizes. They are very intelligent, easily trainable, willing to work, and known for their broad chest and muscular bodies.

You can easily get a black or a tan color Rottweiler depending upon the parents. Don’t worry about their barking, as many owners rarely hear their Rottweiler barking. If you are looking for a good companion dog, these can be the best choice as they are making for a devoted companion.

9. Yorkshire Terries

Yorkshire TerriesIt’s the smallest breed of the terrier type and the most popular small dog breed in America. Yorkshire Terries are a great choice for the people who live in condos and apartments, which makes them extremely devoted to their families. But they are known for their bad barking habits irrespective of their small size.

Early training is much important for this breed to make them a perfect family member. Most of the people are attracting to the Yorkshire Terries due to their small size with playing nature.

10. German Shorthaired Pointers

German Shorthaired PointersIt’s another medium to large size breed in the list with a very shorthaired coat. They are most popular among the people due to their shorthaired coat, and cute look.

German shorthaired pointers love to hunt all kinds of the quarry, rabbits, raccoons, game birds, and even deer. But make sure to train them early to get the expected results.

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