50 Amazing benefits of drinking water

We all know drinking water is important but how much benefits of drinking water we can get, let’s find out! but if you are in a hurry just watch these important benefits of drinking water in the 2-minute video:

50 Amazing benefits of drinking water

Here you go with all the benefits.

1. Benefits of drinking water for skin

Did you know water improves your skin texture and complexion? Yes, consuming the required amount of water and keeping yourself hydrated is not just good for your health but also helps your digestive system, circulation of nutrition, and is very good for the skin.

benefits of drinking water for skin

#50 Gives you younger skin

It will give you younger skin. Human skin is an organ, just like other parts of our body. Skin is made up of cells and cells are made up of water. Without water, organs will certainly not function properly. So for good skin, you need a good amount of water.

#49 No wrinkles

If you don’t drink enough water your skin will become dry and dry skin more prone to wrinkling. So drink enough water if you don’t want wrinkles on your face. There is no magic pill out in the market that stops your skin from getting dry, water is the only solution. Try drinking enough water to maintain good skin health.

#48 Makes your skin Soft and Smooth

Studies have shown people who have a proper intake of water experience improvements in softness and smoothness of the skin. Softness is linked with hydration of skin, when it has enough water it feels soft and smooth.

#47 Increases elasticity of your skin

Drinking the required amount of water helps renew your skin and maintain optimum moisture for skin. By consuming enough water you make sure that all essential nutrients are getting circulated to the skin cells, that way it will help to increase the elasticity of your skin.

#46 Water Reduces Blemishes

There are many different reasons why water helps prevent blemishes. Water actually balances oil and water on the skin which helps our skin to reduce blemishes.

#45 Water removes toxins

You can clearly avoid many skin disorders just by keeping yourself hydrated. As we know it increases our metabolism and digestive system, which helps remove toxins from our body and gives us healthy and glowing skin.

#44 Water remove sagging of skin

When you are eating fat regularly you start noticing it on your face and your face starts to sag. When you drink water it tightens your skin and gives you a perfect tight look. You will start noticing it in a few weeks.

#43 Water helps maintain the pH of your skin

Do you know about the pH level? if not, the pH level of the skin means how alkaline or acidic your skin is on the scale of 1-14. 1 means most acidic and 14 is for most alkaline. The optimal level of pH is 5.5. Drinking the required amount of water helps you maintain pH of skin means you will have healthy good looking skin.

#42 Get rid of dark circle and puffy eyes

If you are eating salty foods you will notice puffy eyes in the morning when you wake-up. It’s due to salt concentration around your eye area. Water reduces the amount of salt concentration which helps you get rid of puffy eyes. When you start drinking enough water you will notice that your eyes are more clear and look shinier. There are many reasons for dark circle and puffy eyes water is one of the main reasons.

#41 Free Anti-aging treatment

Do you want a free anti-aging treatment? Yes, you can by simply drinking water. All the anti-aging skin treatments are time-consuming and are very expensive. People with regular income can’t afford such treatments. You can completely rely on water to remove and delay the signs of aging e.g. fine-line, wrinkles.

#40 Helps maintain our Internal Body Temperature

Do you know about our largest organ? Yes, our skin is the largest organ in your body. Skin control and maintain our internal body temperature by sweating and for sweating body needs water. Our body creates a lot of heat from the metabolic process in our body. It’s very important for our body to maintain internal temperature if not handled properly means if you’re dehydrated, your skin isn’t able to produce the required amount of sweat and you become overheated. Overheating in the body causes many problems. So in summer when you’re hot, make sure to consume the required amount of water to cool yourself properly else you can have a heat stroke.

#39 Water helps in Healing dull skin

Yes, if you have dull skin and trying different kinds of creams and lotions to repair your skin let me tell you it’s due to dehydration. Your skin cells are not getting enough water supply and become dull. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to overcome this issue.

2. Benefits of drinking water for weight loss

benefits of drinking water
benefits of drinking water

#38 Burn 30% fast calories:

Water helps you burn calories fast up to 30%. It’s a big difference if you count your calories. Drinking half a liter of water before exercise boosts your metabolism and burn more calories which end up losing more fat from your body and you lose weight.

#37 Promotes removal of the by-product of fat

It helps you Removes extra fat in your body, our body needs fat but if you are intaking more calories than the required amount in your body it will produce extra fat. Water is the magic pill all you need to remove that fat.

#36 Reduces eating intake

Water helps you to eat less. When you drink water it fills up your tummy and you feel less hungry. You can’t stop yourself from eating your favorite food until you have a belly pop. So, if you want a simple solution to your problem just drink a glass of water before eating your food.

#35 Act as a catalyst in your metabolism

Catalyst is the additional substance that when added increases the rate of reaction, raises your metabolism, and has zero calories! what else you need to stop yourself from getting fat.

#34 Improves digestive system

Water is an essential component in improving our digestive system. Whatever we eat get processed by our digestive system. Water helps in flushing away unnecessary by-products produced from our food and clear our stomach and the whole system. If our digestion is good means we can reduce weight quickly from our body.

#33 Increase muscles Perform

For reducing weight you have to do exercise and for exercise, your muscles need to perform best. Now if you don’t drink required water during exercise or any other physical activity, your performance can suffer badly. As of just a 2% loss of fluids can have a noticeable effect on your performance.

Don’t try sports drinks as they are not a replacement for water. Water if free and more effective than any sports drink available in the market. Sports drinks contain fake sugars, artificial flavors/colors, sodium, and other preservatives which instead of helping to reduce weight can increase our weight.

Listen to Arnold on how to lose weight:

3. Benefits of drinking water for hair

Benefits of drinking water for hair

#32 Dehydration and Hair Growth:

We all know this fact that lack of water in our body causes Dehydration, but you might not know that dehydration has a direct relation with your hair growth. Dehydration is the main factor when you start noticing thinning of hair. The fact is that our body is composed of 60-80% water. When we do not provide an adequate amount of water to our body maintenance of cells become difficult and it directly affects our hair growth and reproduction. The concept is actually very simple if the body doesn’t meet it’s daily H20 requirements the cells responsible for hair growth will not be able to grow and reproduce as a result our hair becomes thin and dry and this can stop the growth cycle of our hair.

#31 Increases Energy

When you drink enough water you can focus and concentrate better and be more alert because your body is getting the required amount of water intake. You will notice a clear difference in your energy levels as they are boosted!

” Alert Overhydration/Drinking too much water is not healthy 

Read complete detail at the end of this post!

#30 Water solves Bad Breath (halitosis) problem

Are you facing bad breath problems and your friends n family are complaining about how bad is your breath? Bad breath is known as Halitosis which is due to bacteria in your tongue, gum, and teeth. The bacteria are responsible for bad smell. When you wake up in the morning due to a long break, your mouth is dry and lacks saliva to rinse these from your mouth. Drinking water helps fight these bacterias and keep your breath fresh. So drink water if you want to avoid bad breath (Halitosis).

#29 Solves your hangover problems

Do you know alcohol promotes the production of urine in the body and this production can cause fluid loss? Alcohol is a diuretic, Hangovers are partly caused by sudden dehydration in our body. To help tackle this problem follow a simple rule and have one glass of water between each drink.

#28 Help Prevent Constipation

Nowadays many people in our country suffer from constipation. It’s actually caused by many different things, which include poor diet, medications, dehydration, and stress.

Studies have shown and also in many prescriptions drinking more water help in the prevention of constipation. Especially if you drink carbonated water which is often included in treatment plans.

#27 Water help treat your Headaches

Headaches are symptoms not a disease and we all know that there are different types of headaches, studies have shown that migraine type headaches can be treated just by drinking water. Next time when you have a headache drink 1 or 2 glasses of cool water it will solve your problem without taking any medication. Just stay hydrated it will help you prevent all kinds of headaches.

#26 Water helps in Prevention of chapped lips

Nobody likes chapped lips as they sometimes hurt and look very bad. The first thing people do is to buy a Chapstick and start putting it on lips and magically those sticks do bit help and change the shape and look of lip temporarily. but if you want a complete solution from roots just starts drinking water, chapped lips are considered symptoms of dehydration in your body.

#25 Water helps prevents cramps

It might sound new to you but cramps are due to dehydration there are different factor but dehydration is the main factor in cramps. Water also helps you in your periods so drink as the required amount.

#24 Level up your immune system

 Have you seen someone enjoying getting sick? No, nobody likes to get sick and our defense system knows as the immune system boosts up with water. So drink water if you don’t want to get sick.

#23 Water Balances your YinYang

How do you know that you are out of balance? Illness and Stress are two ways by nature that are telling you that you’re out of balance. All our life is based on the interplay of two dynamic forces known in traditional Chinese medicine as yin & yang. Yin is considered negative while Yang is positive. If you ever feel that you are out of balance in your life start drinking water to retain your balance.

#22 Water Prevents high cholesterol

Water helps prevents cholesterol. Cholesterol is the main cause of heart attack and causes many health issues. You can easily minimize your chances of high cholesterol. Just drink water and enjoy it.

#21 Water help restores electrolytes

Does water restores electrolytes? Yes, Electrolytes are certain chemicals in our body that have many functions. Electrolytes regulate our heartbeat and allow our muscles to contract. Major electrolytes in our body are chloride, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, sodium,  and potassium.

The imbalance of electrolyte can happens due to dehydration also due to over-hydration(More than required water). Drinking the required amount of water helps stop levels of potassium and sodium from getting too high/low.

#20 Water helps in the prevention of kidney stones

The number one risk of kidney stones is due to a lack of water intake. Water is required to clean your Stomach properly. Lack of water causes kidney stones. So drink up!

#19 Improve brain functions

Do you know the brain is composed of 73% water? The brain is our C.P.U(central processing unit) that needs water to run our whole body. Brain signals are transmitted in our whole body performing different actions. If your brain is not getting the required amount of water it will slow you down weaker your memory.

#18 Makes your senses strong 

Sometimes you feel out of your senses, which means you are not alert you feel down. You might not know but it’s due to lack of water in your body. It’s one of the symptoms of dehydration. So, stay sharp stay hydrated.

#17 Water Improves your mood

Your mood can swing just by dehydration. Next time you feel that nothing is good around you or the whole world is against you just drink a glass of water. Especially when you are angry, just drink water and see magic.

#16 Control high blood pressure

High blood pressure is very common these days. Water helps you maintain the blood flow and even doctors recommend drinking water instead of taking medicine.

#15 Water is helpful in protecting joints

You might not know this till this point in your life but water is very important for all your body joints. It’s not hard to drink a glass of water.

#14 Water prevents hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lowest part of your anus. Water helps in reveling pain. Drinking enough water helps prevent hemorrhoids. Therefore decreases straining

#13 Water Relieves congestion.

Drink some H2O is you want to avoid Congestion. It’s an abnormal accumulation of body fluid. Congestion is a medical term. E.g. Nasal congestion caused by common cold(this congestion in the air passages of the nose) seen with a common cold and congestion of blood in the lower extremities seen with some types of heart failure.

#12 Decreases the chance of heartburn

Have you experienced heartburn? It’s not a good feeling, the burning sensation of the heart is sometimes painful. It usually occurs after eating food. If you have ever experienced it you know that feeling, right?. Just drink water before your meal to avoid that heartburn.

#11 Water Improves your heart’s health

Good heart means a good life. Water maintains pH balance and it’s a good indication for your heart and heart to remain healthy and fit. The heart pumps blood throughout our body more efficiently.

#10 Help in preventing osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition when your bones become brittle and fragile makes them more prone to breakage which is not good for you. Your bones become weak and can easily break just while running. Stay hydrated to avoid this condition.

#09 Water improves breathing

Yes, it helps you in breathing as well. Do you know your body release water when you breathe? Stay hydrated and breathe well.

#08 Treats backaches

Backaches are not good for anyone. Regularly drinking water prevents such backaches and cushion your joints.

#07 Prevents rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition in which our joints didn’t work properly. Dehydration is one of the reasons to avoid this condition just drink water and let your joints work properly. Fun fact is that if our joints did not function the way they should work properly, we will be waddling around like penguins.

#06 Fights with bladder infections

If you are not drinking enough water your pee color will change. Even if you exceed your limit and drink more than required water it will change. So, pee is a good indicator to check your health. Water helps in preventing bladder infections.

#05 Minimize the risk of ulcers

Ulcers are sore(more specifically an open sore) on an internal or external surface of the body. Ulcers are caused by a break in the skin which fails to heal. You can’t just imagine how painful are Ulcers. Even if you can tolerate high pain, ulcers are a next-level thing.

#04 Boost your ability to think

Sometimes you feel that you can’t think properly, right? Treat your brain the right way and you’ll see the magic that your brain can do for you. drink water properly and take all the benefits of drinking water.

#03 Reduces the chances of asthma 

Asthma is only understandable by the patient dealing with it. It’s really hard to maintain yourself and work with that condition.  This simple act of breathing sometimes overlooked, but be thankful for water.

#02 Water fights with tooth decay

Do you enjoy going to the dentist? No, right. Water really helps you protect your teeth and problems related to your teeth. Drink water to avoid your visit to the dentist.

#01 Water Retention in body

Are you a terrorist? Yes, you are if you are not drinking enough water. When you drink less water, your brain considers it a threat to life. A serious survival threat is signaled in our body and our body starts to store more water in the body. Where our body store that water? not in the stomach, you are not a camel. You will get swollen hands, feet, and legs. If you feel such a condition drink water and get back to normal condition.

4. How much water you should drink?

For getting benefits from drinking water you should know how much is good for your health. Here are different measurements:

  • Glasses: 6–8.
  • Liters: 1.5–2.
  • Ounces: 44–67.

Alert, these are general guidelines, not a benchmark. People may need more or less depends upon different conditions.

One more very important information related to the benefits of drinking water is that drinking too much water is not healthy at all. You might be motivated to drink a lot of water just seeing the benefits but it is not recommended to drink too much water either. Consuming too much water can cause water toxicity. In extreme cases like in drinking water contest, this can even cause death.

Conclusion: Drink the only the required amount of water 1.5-2 liters are enough in normal conditions. If you are working out you can consume more but do not exceed your limits it can cause you damage.

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