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Dogs are considered as the men’s best friend in the world, but some of these four leg family friends can cost you more than a car. So, you must have a few thousands of dollar in your pocket to own these canine companions. Even some breeds of the dogs so expensive that only rich people can afford these dogs depending upon their price, food, and living standard. In this article we are going to list the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

20. Saint Bernard ($1500)

Saint BernardIt’s a working dog breed belong to western Alps in Italy, and Switzerland. A Saint Bernard dog can have 28 to 30 inches height at the shoulder, and 140 to 180 pounds weight.

This dog breed also appeared in a movie “Beethoven” in 1992. A Saint Bernard price is around $1500.


19. Lakeland Terrier ($2000)

Lakeland TerrierLakeland Terrier dog breed belongs to a Lake district in England. This breed comes in small, and mid sizes with the weight range of 7kg to 8kg.

These are the great family companion as they are hypoallergenic dogs and doesn’t shed. You need to have a budget of $2000 to think about the Lakeland Terrier.


18. Irish Wolfhound ($3000)

Irish WolfhoundIt’s a historical dog breed from the Ireland that have 32 to 35 inches height with 115 to 140 pounds weight.

Despite the fame of this historic breed, the numbers are decreasing over the years as many other new breeds are gaining attention in the people. An Irish wolfhound can cost you around $3000.


17. Black Russian Terrier ($3500)

Black Russian TerrierThe breeding history of the Black Russian Terrier is very old as they firstly bred in early 1950s. Firstly, they are used as a military working dogs, but after sometime they are also proved as good pet dogs.

A Black Russian Terrier can have 25 to 28 inches height, and 100 t0 150 pounds weight. You must have $3500 in your pocket to buy a Black Russian Terrier.


16. Bedlington Terrier ($4000)

Bedlington TerrierThis dog breed belongs to a town of Bedlington in North East England. The breeding purpose of the Bedlington Terrier where to hunt the vermin, but they also seen in racing, conformation shows, and many other dog sports.

A Bedlington Terrier stand around 16 inches at the shoulder, and 17 to 23 pounds in weight. They can cost you around $4000.


15. English Bulldog ($4300)

English BulldogEnglish Bulldog or British Bulldog is a medium size dog belongs to the top four most popular dog breeds of US in 2016.

However their popularity graph move downward with the time due to certain health issues. You can buy a English Bulldog in $4300.


14. Portuguese water Dog ($5000)

Portuguese water DogIt’s another working dog breed in our list. Originally, Portuguese water dog belong to Algarve, Portugal and famous as the former US president Barak Obama’s dog.

This breed famously known for their wavy, curly, and non-shedding coat. A Portuguese water dog height can reach up to 23 inches with 60 pounds weight. Their price is around $5000.


13. Saluki ($5500)

SalukiThis dog breed mostly bred by the nomadic tribes for hunting purposes due to their perfect body shape.

These dogs can live up to 14 years, with 25 to 28 inches height, and 40 to 60 pounds weight. A saluki dog can cost you around $5500.


12. French Bulldog ($6000)

French BulldogIt is a hybrid breed obtain by crossing the imported bulldog from England, and Parisian ratters. It’s very difficult to produce French Bulldog due to their narrow hips, and they only produces 2-3 puppies per litter.

They can reach up to 11 to 12 inches height with 20 to 28 pounds weight. It’s one of the most expensive dog breed in the world, which can cost you around $6000.


11. Akita ($6500)

AkitaAkita dog originally found in the mountains regions of the North Japan. However there are two types of the Akita, a Japanese Akita, and American Akita. You can easily identify the Japanese Akita with narrow palette colors, while the American Akita can come in all dog colors.

These dogs can have 24 to 28 inches height with 75 to 130 pounds weight. You need to pay $6500 to have this dog.

10. Afghan Hound ($7000)

Afghan HoundIt’s bred in the Afghan mountains, and known for its unique features like ring curl tail, and silky smooth hair. Their size can vary between 25 to 29 inches in height, and 50 to 60 pounds in weight.

Their silky smooth hair can have Fawn, Gold, or cream color with black facial mask. They can cost you around $7000 depending upon their uniqueness, and individuality.


9. Pharaoh Hound ($7500)

Pharaoh HoundIt’s a national dog breed of the Malta, which is very famous among people due to its unique appearance and disposition. It’s called as rabbit dog in Maltese, and mainly used for hunting rabbits in Maltese islands.

A Pharaoh hound can reach up to 23 to 25 inches height, and 45 to 55 pounds weight. This training dog breed price is around $7500.


8. Dogo Argentino ($8000)

Dogo ArgentinoDogo Argentino dog breed was firstly bred in 1928. The large white muscular body of this special breed is mainly developed for big hunting games.

The short coat, and the deep-set thick chest makes it perfect for these type games. They can reach up to 24 to 27 inches in height, and 80 to 100 pounds in weight. This breed can cost you around $8000.


7. Canadian Eskimo Dog ($8750)

Canadian Eskimo DogCanadian Eskimo is another old dog breed, which is brought to the North America by the Thule people. Their numbers are largely decreasing around 1960s due to spread of the canine disease.

You must have $8750 in your pocket to go for a Canadian Eskimo dog.


6. Rottweiler ($9000)

RottweilerRottweiler is a working dog breed in Germany, which is used to pull the carts. The average life span of the Rottweiler is 8 to 10 years with 24 to 27 inches height, and 110 to 130 pounds weight.

Rottweiler is also a good family dog with loyal, and obedience nature. A Rottweiler can cost you around $9000.


5. Azawakh ($9500)

AzawakhAzawakh belongs to West Africa and known for its slender body, and striking almonds eyes.

The life span of the Azawakh is around 10 to 12 years with 25 to 29 inches height, and 33 to 55 pounds weight. It’s belong to rare breeds, which increases its price up to $9500.


4. Tibetan Mastiff ($10,000)

Tibetan MastiffIt’s a giant dog, which mainly raises for protecting the sheep from wolves, leopards, and bears. A Tibetan Mastiff can reach up to 33 inches height with 120 to 200 pounds weight.

Their numbers are slowly decreasing as they are expensive to maintain. A Tibetan Mastiff price is around $10,000.


3. Chow Chow ($1100)

Chow ChowIt’s an oldest breed of the China with a teddy-bear look and black tongue.

They are loyal with their owners irrespective of their dangerous reputation. A Chow Chow can have 17 to 20 inches height, with 40 to 70 pounds weight. Their price is around $1100.


2. Lowchen ($1200)

LowchenIt’s one of the smallest expensive breed in our list as they can only grow up to 13 to 14 niches height. This non-sporting dog is considered as the toy dog by the registries.

It was known as the rarest dog of the year 1973 as only 65 known Lowchens are left in that year. This little lion can cost you around $1200.


1. Samoyed ($1400)

SamoyedThis is top expensive breed in our list due to its magnificent features, and look. You can easily identify this breed due to its thick, white, and double layer coat.

Samoyed originally belongs to Siberia, which can reach up to 21 to 23 inches height, and 50 to 60 pounds weight. This most expensive dog breed can cost you up to $1400.

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