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WWE champion is usually a top guy in the company who features at the top of the card for his reign’s specific duration. But over the years, WWE had some terrible World Title Reigns that fans wanted to forget. Being a WWE champion is very difficult, and only a few wrestlers achieve this glory. Many wrestlers were very lucky to get the title without any special efforts when nobody imagined it. Let’s see some worst WWE champions who failed to defend their title.

1. Andre the Giant

Andre the GiantAndre the Giant was a famous French professional wrestler who started his professional wrestling training under a local promoter “Robert Lageat” at the age of 18. He made his debut under the Japanese flag in 1971 and joined the World Wide Federation on March 24, 1972.

Andre the Giant is known for putting an end to legendary Hulk Hogan’s four-year title reign in controversial fashion. The world was shocked when the title belt is handed to Andre the Giant, and he decides to sell the title just a moment later. After that incident, the president of WWE declared that the title could not be sold. Andre the Giant was immediately stripped of the WWE championship, and the title was declared vacant.


2. Kane

KaneKane is an American professional wrestler who signed for WWE in 1992. After that, he also takes part in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and United States Wrestling Association. Kane defeated Steve Austin in a first blood match at the 1998’s “king of the Ring,” and WWE was forced to put the Title on Kane.

However, Kane gives the rematch to Austin the following night on RAW. This match’s results were opposite, and Austin regains the title and makes Kane the shortest WWE Title reigns holder in WWE’s history.


3. Stan Stasiak

Stan StasiakStan Stasiak was a Canadian professional wrestler who becomes WWWF heavyweight champion in 1973. He made his debut under the nickname “Crusher” and was included in the WWE Hall of fame in 2018.

Stan Stasiak put an end to the three-year title reign of Pedro Morales. Unfortunately, just nine days later, the title goes to Bruno Sammartino.


4. Buddy Rodgers

Buddy RodgersBuddy Rodgers belongs to the beginning of the television era and gets his very first match on July 4, 1939. He was the first WWE champion, but it was not so lucky for him.

Less than a month later, after winning the WWE champion title, he was involved in a squash match against Bruno Sammartino, which was over within a few seconds with Bruno Sammartino’s win.


5. Ivan Koloff

Ivan KoloffIvan Koloff was a Canadian wrestler who was also inspired after seeing wrestling on TV. At the age of 18, he left the school and joined a wrestling school. In late 1969, he debuts in the WWWF, where he become heavyweight champion.

Ivan Koloff is famously known for putting an end to the seven-plus year title reign of legendary Bruno Sammartino. Unfortunately, his title reign period is only about three weeks, and he moved the title to legendary Puerto Rican.


6. The Iron Sheikh

The Iron SheikhThe Iron Sheikh was an Iranian-American wrestler who started his professional career in 1972. After this very initial step, he debuted in WWF in 1979 and won his first-ever battle in WWF.

He is also known for ending the five-year title reign of the Bob Backlund’s, but unfortunately, it’s just a transition of the Title from Bob Backlund to Hulk Hogan. The Iron Sheikh only hold the title for less than a month until his fight against Hulk Hogan.


7. Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt. SlaughterSgt. Slaughter is an American wrestler who is known for getting many regional titles before starting a professional career.

He gets the WWE champion title from ultimate warrior Hulk Hogan by ending the nine-month title reign at the 1991 Royal Rumble. But unfortunately, he was only another transitional champion and only hold the Title until WrestleMania, where he didn’t defend his title successfully.


8. Jeff Hardy

Jeff HardyJeff Hardy started his professional career by inspiring Ultimate Warrior and Shawn Michaels as they are the childhood inspiration of him. He becomes WWE champion in 2008 in a memorable match where he defeated the Edge and Triple H.

But, unfortunately, he was also proved never to have a successful title defense. In the following month after the title loss, Edge set the rematch to get his title back and make the younger hardy one of the worst WWE champions of all the time.


9. Batista

BatistaBatista started his professional wrestling career in 1999 and signed with WWF in 2000. During his boom period from 2002 to 2010, he becomes a six-time world champion. But unfortunately, he can’t hold the WWE champion title longer both times and is considered one of the worst WWE champions.

The first time he won the title from Randy Orton at the 2009 extreme rules event, he was forced to forfeit the title the following night. The second time, he took advantage of weakened John Cena at WrestleMania and lost this title early.


10. Mankind

MankindMichael Francis Foley is famously known as “Mankind”. He worked for many wrestling promotions, including the WWF, WCW, ECW, TNAW, and NWA. He has three WWE champion title reigns, which come at the height of the attitude Era. Unfortunately, all these three title reigns are lost in two months and put Mankind on the worst WWE champion list.

The First Title of the Mankind is very famous, where he defeated the Rock on the January 4th edition of Raw in 1999 and after that just lost this title in his first title defense against Rock at the Royal Rumble. The second title reign of Mankind lasted about a month, which he just got two days later during the Super Bowl halftime. To get the third title reigns, he defeated Steve Austin and Triple H in a triple threat match, and the following night, he loses the title to Triple H.

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