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Jackie Chan born on April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong and enter in the film industry where he is known for his own stunts. In an interview, he stated that he has just started to perform his own stunts by inspiring from Buster Keaton, who was also known for performing his own stunts. The choreographing team of Jackie Chan was established in 1983, which makes the choreographing easier for all the subsequent films of Jackie Chan.

During Dragon Lord Movie set in 1982, Jackie Chan experimenting with a pyramid fight scene, which takes the recorded 2900 takes, and he also falls to the lower ground during a final fight scene of “backflip off the loft.” Let’s see the ten most deadly stunts of the Jackie Chain.

1. Drunken Master, 1978

Drunken Master, 1978It is an action martial arts movie, which was very successful at the Hong Kong box office. It’s ranked at number three in the greatest Kung Fu movies of all the time on GamesRadar’s list. Many fighting scenes are featured in the film with a strong element of comedy.

But the most attractive scene was the Jackie Chan and the Hwang Jang-lee fighting scene where Jackie Chan was nearly going to lose one of his eyes.


2. Project A, 1983

Police Story It’s another martial arts movie on the list, which led Jackie Chan to form his own official stunt team. In this movie, Jackie Chan filmed a scene where he needs to clings to a six-story clock tower and fall on the ground through awnings.

The awnings purpose was there to help Jackie Chan break his fall, but unfortunately, they turned him into the air by causing him to land on the ground on his head with serious spine injuries.


3. Police Story, 1985

Police Story, 1985Police Story is a very famous movie for many large-scale dangerous action scenes. But the film’s final scene earned the most dangerous scene title as it’s caused second-degree burns to Jackie Chain.

Jackie Chan needs to slides down from a pole by breaking the lights such that it looks like he is falling through the glass roof to the floor. Unfortunately, Jackie Chain’s hands were burns due to the bulb’s heated pole, and he also damages his two vertebrae due to an imbalance landing.


4. Armour of God, 1986

Armour of God, 1986It’s an action-comedy film about Jackie Chan, which is one the highest-grossing film of that time. But it’s proved as little unlucky for Jackie Chan as an unfortunate incident of the movie badly injured him.

He was going to jump from a rope to a tree, but he falls on the below rock due to some calculation error. After that, Jackie Chan needs a break from films as he needs surgery to recover. Still, Jackie Chan has a metal plate on his skull, which memorizes this unfortunate incident.


5. Armour of God 2, 1991

Armour of God 2, 1991It’s the second part of 1986’s Armor of the God, where Jackie Chan was going to perform the same stunt as he performs in the first part. This time Jackie Chan needs to jump from a banner to a hanging chain. Unfortunately, he loses his grip from the chain on feel on the ground.

This incident leads Jackie Chan to dislocate his sternum, so it’s difficult to take the second shot, and the editor cleverly edited the scene.


6. Crime Story, 1992

Crime Story, 1992It’s a crime thriller film, which includes many dangerous action scenes. The crime story is one of the most serious films by Jackie Chan, where he performs many dangerous stunts, which proved deadly for him.

In an interview, Jackie Chain stated that his legs are almost crushed between two cars during this stunt, but fortunately, no serious damage was done.


7. Police Story 3: Super Cop, 1992

Crime Story, 1992It’s another complete action movie of Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh. This fully-thrilled pack movie proved very dramatic for Jackie Chan, especially during the breath-taking stunt, where he holds on to a rotating standpipe by avoiding the helicopter, which is going to land on the train.

But unfortunately, the pipe doesn’t rotate at that moment, and Jackie Chan was hit by the helicopter. This incident cracks the cheekbone of Jackie Chan and damages his shoulder. Jackie chain can’t continue the shoot for many days after this incident.


8. The Legend of the Drunken Master, 1994

The Legend of the Drunken Master, 1994It’s another action-comedy Kung Fu film by Jackie Chan. This movie is known for many life-threatening injuries of Jackie Chan, including the injuries during the bed of coals stunt.

Jackie Chan falls backward onto the coal bed while he was avoiding the kicks; fortunately, he doesn’t get any serious injury during the movie’s final fight scene.


9. Who am I? 1998

Who am I? is another action-comedy film of Jackie Chan, which is scripted and shot in English. Jackie Chan shoots one of the most dangerous scenes of his career in this movie.

He was going to slide down from a glass façade of 24 stories building “Willemswerf”. Jackie Chan stated that he needs two weeks to prepare himself to perform this stunt. But after a lot of preparation and courage, Jackie Cahn able to do it with a lot of perfection.


10. New Police Story, 2004

New Police Story, 2004This was the fifth film of the series, “Police Stories, ” which includes many heavy action scenes compared to previous parts. In this movie, Jackie Chan was going to jump from a bridge to a lamppost, lamppost to a moving bus roof, roof to the inside of the bus from a window, and try to stop the bus from falling into the sea.


Which stunt do you think was the most deadly for Jackie Chan?

After the 2000s, Jackie Chan Appear in very few action movies due to the age factor. He also appeared as an anti-hero character for the first time in Rob-B-Hood, and also play the role of a low-level gangster in 2009’s movie “Shinjuku Incident.”

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