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Professional Wrestlers always pay great attention to their physique after stepping into the ring. People don’t like to see a muscular man battling with an overweight opponent. It’s one of the reasons that today, we have seen some interesting body transformations in the WWE.

But somehow, it’s difficult for the wrestlers to maintain their chiseled physiques. Many superstars like Kane, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens are famously known for their struggle to maintain their bodies. On the other hand, we have superstars with evergreen bodies, which include John Cena, Dave Batista, Triple H, and more. Let’s see the ten most shocking Body Transformations in WWE’s history.

1. Chris Hero

Chris Hero1Chris Hero is not the most popular wrestler in the wrestling world. But he is known for maintaining his strong physique for a long time in WWE. This was the one reason that WWE signed him in their developmental contract in 2011. But he was not proved as a successful superstar due to his weight problems. Chris’s excess weight was not so noticeable initially, but with time it’s become harder and harder for the Chris Hero to look impressive. In 2013, WWE officials gave Chris Hero an ultimatum to lose his weight or leave his WWE superstar dreams. Chris Hero tries his best, but his efforts were unsuccessful, and he lost his contract on November 8, 2013.

2. The Big Show

Big Show The big show is known for competed in WWE for almost a decade without losing any single pound. But in 2016, he has the worst shape of his body. In the same year after WrestleMania32, WWE has planned a fight between The Big Show and Shaquille O’Neal at a pay-per-view event. After that, the former WWE champion started the regular gym to get rid of the excess weight and get into perfect shape. Although the encounter was called off, The big show should be thankful to O’Neal to give him the motivation to concentrate on his body.

3. Michael Cole

 Michael ColeMichel Cole had a good body shape when he decided to enter the WWE circle. But he couldn’t maintain his body shape. Fans were very shocked when they see him in WrestleMania 27 when he came out in the ring and look out of his breath. In 2015, WWE ran an article about Michaels Cole’s incredible shrinking, mainly focusing on his incredible 65 pounds weight loss. After that, some WWE officials stated that Michael Cole looks better at 48 years of age than 21 years.

4. Roman Reigns

Roman ReignsRoman Reigns is known for his unique body shape like the 1980s superstars, which perfectly explains McMahon’s investment. Although the fans don’t want it, he still invests in him. Roman Reigns was also banned for 30 days for testing positive, and many reports claimed that he was using steroids to maintain his size at that time. But the fans were shocked to see the noticeable changes in Roman Reigns physique when he returns after 30 days. Roman Reigns was a bit lazy after his away time, which is confusing for the fans, and it may be due to the withdrawal of the steroids from Reign’s routine.

5. Ric Flair

Ric Flair Ric flayer, or “The Nature Boy” is known for his best body in professional wrestling. Many people named him the talented version of Hulk Hogan. But he couldn’t maintain his body shape with time, which turns into tired, sluggish, and flabby after some time. Today 71 Years Ric Flair appears very little on WWE television. Whenever he appeared, he tried to hide his beer belly, which always looks ready to pop at any time.

6. Scott Hall

Scott HallScott hall entered the WWE in good shape, and fans expected him to become a world champion. But soon, he destroys his body due to access use of drugs and alcohol. He gains the weight, and all his muscles are converted into fab. After that, WCW closed the doors for Scott hall in 2001 due to his shocking body transformation. Scott hall continues to badly treat his body until he gains a dangerous amount of weight. After damaging his body for years, he decided to work with Diamond Dallas Page to revive his body, but he couldn’t get the desired results.

7. Bray Wyatt

Bray WyatBray Wyatt, also known as Husky Harris, due to his professional wrestling body when he enters the WWE circle. His good-looking body was a dream for every wrestler. But his body transformation was shocking for the fans when he starts a regular gym during his away time due to a leg injury. Bray Wyatt shared his image on social media, which was shocking for the fans as he looks thinner as compared to his last appearance in front of fans. But after the return, it looks like Bray Wyatt doesn’t care much about maintaining his physique and returned to his pre-injury shape.

8. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Jake The Snake Roberts He is one of the WWE Hall of Famer from the 80s era. But due to the usage of alcohol and drugs, his career ended in the 1990s. After that, he gains too much weight and even can’t stand due to overweight. In 2012, the consensus was that Roberts wasn’t long for this world, but the Diamond Dallas Page came to rescue him through his DDP Yoga system. After some time of this training, it’s proved that this was the exact training that Roberts needed at this stage as he was right on the way to reclaim his life. Today, Roberts is an entirely different healthy man who embarked on a career as a public speaker, traveling around the world and sharing the Pro wrestlers’ stories.

9. The Undertaker

The Undertaker The Undertaker is known for his shocking body transformation throughout his career. He firstly appears in the ring in the 1990s, where he was thin. But the Undertaker’s body transformation just before WrestleMania 30 was most shocking for the fans as his muscles look like they have retreated, and his arms look like wet toilet paper rolls. After the match with Brock Lesner in the biggest WrestleMania event, it was clear that The Undertaker doesn’t have enough body shape to step in the ring.

10. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio Rey Mysterio is known for his body slip at the end of his WWE run. This was due to an injury that was responsible for his time out from the action. He can’t maintain his body during this time period, and his weight seems a problem when he came back against Lucha Underground. But, it was very shocking for the fans to see Rey Mysterio shedding weight and bulging muscles in a picture shared by Luchador. This is considered as one of the best body shapes of Rey Mysterio, which gives him the impression of mini Brock Lesnar.

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