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WWE Superstars net worth and salary

WWE Superstars net worth and salary


The term “WWE-Net Worth” or simply “Net worth” also known as net wealth, is basically total assets minus (-) total liability of person or WWE superstar as we are discussing WWE superstars. The word “net worth” is used when we are talking about a specifically individual or in other words what is his economic position. In simple words net worth is when we subtract debt from assets owned by a person. So now we are going to talk about WWE superstar’s net worth separately and also as whole of company because we are getting question how much do wwe wrestlers get paid ? So here is the answer

WWE superstars net worth and salary
Net worth WWE Superstars

WWE income Source and history:

WWE or World Wrestling entertainment is an American Company which provide entertainment through sports. Some people say that wrestling is fake others say it’s real. Well it’s scripted for sure and the moves they do in ring it just impossible for normal humans. WWE was founded by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt, in 1952. Later on In 1990, McMahon founded the World Bodybuilding Federation a bodybuilding organization. The World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF) was a bodybuilding organization founded in 1990 by Vince McMahon that only worked out until 1993. It was actually a subordinate company of Titan Sports. Titan Sports which are owners of the World Wrestling Federation. For WWE the primary source of income is Professional Wrestling and they are also involved in movies, product licensing and product distribution and sales.

WWE is the biggest pro wrestling company in the world. They conduct around 300 events in a year and broadcast in more than 150 countries around the world. They have 36 million broadcasting viewership.

Their headquarters are located in Stamford, Connecticut, with different offices scattering across all major cities of the world. WWE have two main shows one is known as RAW. Mostly people call it as Monday night raw and other is SmackDown. They also do a show for new rookies called NXT, where young talents get a chance to show their skills to jump to main rosters.

Last year revenue of WWE is remarkably high as compared to previous records as they earned about $680.9 million, which is about 14% increase from previous records. The company also increased their international revenue terms by about 48%.

The major chunk of their revenue is from WWE’s network, WWE shop, live Events and with all that WWE subscribers viewed about 258 million content hours, making WWE a top Cable Broadcaster.

WWE currently have 17,483,847 (23-Aug-2017) subscriber on Youtube and you can estimate how much they are making from it. WWE’s Youtube channel is most followed sports brand on Youtube.

WWE is basically in control of McMahon Family. Vincent kennedy McMahon is the CEO and chairman of the company and is also a major stakeholder is wrestling promotions. McMahon wife Linda, Children Shane and Stephanie and now son in law Triple H are about makes a total of 72% of company’s ownership. So they have all the power to control WWE. We all know that McMahon is very famous among people as everyone says that he is running the WWE but the truth is Linda have played a major role in WWE’s development as she have joined The Republican Party, her role was salient in growth of the company. Linda was always involved in contracts and writing and managing the WWE. She was salient all the time due to her political career because in politics people can pick any point against you so you have to be very careful.

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