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Is WWE fake ? Clear direct answer with proof

Is WWE fake ?

Calling WWE fake is not fair but yes, it’s 100% fake. You may get confused why we said it’s not fair to call WWE fake.  The reason is simple WWE as named reflects its world wrestling entertainment, means its sports entertainment. The action they do in ring is 100% real they put their lives on line to entertain people around the globe. WWE is a scripted show not a fake show, so now if you ask is wwe fake? You have to understand it’s not fake in sense that they are performers and performing in a live event. People are getting entertained without wrestlers getting hurt.

The question “is wrestling fake?” Remain unanswered for a really long time. The direct answer is YES even Brock Lesnar (WWE Superstar) said in an interview that WWE or wrestling is fake.

Is WWE real or fake?

As you now have a proof to your answer about is wwe real or fake. We call it a real show because we respect what wrestlers do in the ring to entertain people. They have broken bones, fractured skulls and bleed like hell many times just for the sake of show to entertain millions of people. Calling WWE fake is disrespect to wrestlers.


Now let’s talk about the things that are fake (Scripted) in wrestling:

Winner, duration, finishing moves:

  • Who is going to win the match remain very secret from people but it’s a predetermined thing as they play with audience psychology to entertain them more. They know what people are thinking. So they sometime twist the outcomes depending upon people’s response.

is wwe fake? daniel bryan

  • Every wrestler in WWE have his own special finishing moves. But how a match is going to end is also predetermined e.g. in a cheating, through submission or pin fall.
  • Match durations are also fixed. As they have to cover up the storyline. There is always a story going on between wrestlers. To complete the storyline they have to fix the duration for each match. If people are loving a story between two wrestlers they give more importance to that story.

Importance of referees:

is wwe fake or real referees example

You might have seen referees as useless part of WWE but they are the real game changer. They know the storyline and result. They are also acting in the whole event. They let wrestlers cheat. Referees sometime guide wrestlers what move to perform. Main task of a referee is to keep an eye on time. They guide wrestlers when to wrap up the match. Referees have the rights to stop the match in case of emergency as wrestlers get hurt. When someone get hurt, he immediately tells the referee about his condition. The referee than stops the match in a balance way.

Informed wrestling moves:

Yes, before performing a finisher/bigger move they let each other know. It’s to ensure the safety of other wrestler. Wrestler might be in wrong spot and can get seriously hurt in case of mistake.

Faking the Pain:

Yes, you have seen wrestlers sometime overdoing this pain act. When a finisher is performed or some special move the other wrestler act like he is going to die. Some wrestler’s especially new ones sometime do it wrong. Faking the pain is wrestling is important. Faking pain show people about the impact of move. Some moves don’t look like painful but when other wrestler start his acting people assume it as painful.

Helping each other in dangerous moves:

Dangerous moves performed by different wrestler are very entertaining for people. You have seen wrestlers flying from top-ropes and landing on wrestlers. Doing a frog splash, jumping from cage etc.

dangorous move is wrestling fake

Such moves are more painful for wrestler who is performing (flying in air). The other wrestlers try to help the flying wrestler on impact. Because flying wrestler can get seriously hurt if something went even little wrong.

Head moves 100% fake:

All the dangerous moves that require head to hit ground are fake. Have you seen undertaker performing Piledriver. If you look closely the wrestler hugs undertaker tight before receiving the move. Even when Triple-H performs his move, he let opponent’s hand fly so that opponent wrestler can protect his head from hitting the ground. All head moves are risky as people can die on spot, if performed wrong. So, they should be given some credit on performing such moves. Even if they are fake still such moves are very dangerous.

Is wrestling fake undertaker Tombstone_Piledriver

The Hate Game is fake:

We see wrestlers hating each other in front of people. In reality they are mostly friends. They travel around the world with each. You can relies this easily, watch some outside the ring videos of them. You will see the attitude toward each other and how much they respect and love each other.

Help in performing moves:

Yes they do help each other in performing moves. The “ChokSlam” is good example of this. You might have seen Kane and Undertaker picking two wrestlers simultaneously. It’s not possible without the help of receiving wrestlers. As all other wrestlers have almost same weight and height.

Fake relationships:

To make storyline more interesting for audience WWE even fake the families. You can watch and find details on top 5 fake families in WWE here. These relationships are for people and they mostly believe in those relationships. The most famous one is the relationship of brothers. Undertaker and kane for more fake families read and watch here.

Now let’s talk about things that are 100% real in wrestling:

Pain is 100% real:

Even if you fake jump on each other you get hurt. All the moves they do in ring hurts. We know that ring is matted surface but you have to understand it’s not our bed mattress. It’s a wooden surface with mat. Bumping yourself on that mat will hurt you.

Props do hurt:

You have seen wrestlers hitting each other with different kind of props e.g. tables, chairs and stairs etc. All such thing are not that fake as they climb that same leader. Even if they softly or fake push each other on that leader or jump on that ladder, table will hurt them. WWE recently banned chair shots on head as they can cause real damage in long run to wrestlers.

Submission locks are real:

Submissions locks are derived from other real fighting games like martial arts/ mixed martial arts. Submission locks are very appealing to people so they have to include in game.

Undertaker Submiion lock in wwe is real

Now the pain of that lock is real and wrestler have to bear that pain for some time or even they get hurt by submission holds are they are real and you can’t really fake them in live shows.


Final words from us we consider WWE is watchable show and have nothing to do with real or fake. As Brock lesnar said, If people get entertained with getting anybody hurt what’s wrong in that. So enjoy the show.

Now it’s your duty to decide is wwe fake? Let us know in comments what you think about wrestling is real or fake ?