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How to win at Arm wrestling Complete Guide

How to win at arm wrestling

So if we answer this specific questionhow to win in arm wrestling” is not simple. You need to know a lot of information related to arm wrestle to get your answer on how to win arm wrestling. So let’s just start our discussion about armwrestling.

Arm wrestling:

Arm wrestling is a competition between two people with arms. Both opponents stand in front of each other with holding hands, each one places their arms on a straight surface with elbow touching the surface ground. The main objecting of arm wrestling is to pin the other opponent’s hand with your hand using your arm power. Winner arm is the one whose arm is on top of other.


Arm wrestling


To win at arm wrestling various techniques and factors can play an important role and let you win the game if you know these techniques. Keep in mind the overall arm muscle strength is also important factor in winning arm wrestling because you have to use the strength in your arm muscles to win the game. Before knowing the techniques you should know the arm muscle.


Let’s define muscles in the arm:

The arm muscle have two portions know in anatomy, one is known as upper arm it’s from top of shoulder joint to elbow joint. It have 4 muscles (brachialis, biceps brachii, coracobrachialis and Triceps brachii). The first three (brachillli, biceps brachii and caracobrachillis) are in one compartment known as anterior compartment and last one (coracobrachialis) is in posterior compartment but let’s just neglect the high end confusing details jump to simple understanding.

What muscles to build for arm wrestling?    

Arm wrestlers needs to focus on few muscles of the arms which includes stronger biceps, triceps and forearms. To build strength in your hands and fingers try hand gripers. Try wrist curls with forearms machine or with help of dumbbells.

Now the question arise? How to gain arm muscle/ how to build arm muscle?

Before focusing on exercise you need to put your focus on your diet. Like strength athlete, an arm wrestlers should eat for power and strength. Have a structured meal plan to gain healthy weight. Arm wrestlers should eat with proper interval means have six, seven meals instead of having three bigger meals.

What you have to include in diet:

Include high protein food, by high protein means chicken, lean meat, fish, eggs and milk. Also add good carbs to your diet like cereals, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. Fruits and vegetables are also very important and don’t forget nuts and other dry fruits. For proper diet plan you have to consult fitness trainer but the above is what you need to add in general.


Water is one of the most important thing people neglect. It helps our whole system to work properly. Stay hydrated and drink at least the recommended amount of water which is 8 glasses of water. Watch this video to have more understanding of what water do to our body.


Now arm wrestling workout:

Arm wrestling training is not just about building your arm. You have to focus on your whole body. Simply you can’t just put everything in your arm. If your whole body is strong means your arms are also strong. Yes, you can focus more on your arms instead of other muscles but you can’t neglect other body muscles. You have to train like a strength athlete with more focus on arms muscles.

Additional important exercises that can help you strength your arms are Pull-ups, The Rolling Thunder, Wrist Hammer, High Cable Rope Curls.

Pull-ups exercise

Pull ups for arm wrestling

 The Rolling Thunder exercise

The Rolling Thunder exercise for arm wrestling

Wrist Hammer exercise

wrist hammer exercise for arm wrestling

High Cable Rope Curls exercise 

High Cable Rope Curls exercise for arm wrestling

Use of arm wrestling table:

Use arm wrestling tables to practice your arm movement. Try with stronger opponent than you, ask him/her to put maximum force and just hold your arm on edge of losing point. Repeat this step several times.

holding position arm wrestling


Factors in winning arm wrestling:

Many different factor plays an important role in success of arm wrestling. Both arm strength and technique plays and important role in winning an arm wrestling match. Other factors include length of arm, muscle and arm mass, size of hand grip, wrist flexibility and endurance, reaction time and many other traits can add advantage to one wrestler over other. These factors make one opponent stronger on other.


Arm wrestling champion and Rules:

World Arm wrestling Championships is world’s main arm wrestling championship. It is organized by World Armwrestling Federation (WAF). It was founded by Thomas Hurst in 1944 in West Chicago, Illinois. (WAF) is the universally recognized global governing body of professional arm wrestling and it has 80 member countries.

In Arm wrestling competition, according to United States Armwrestling Federation (USAF) arm wrestling can take place when two opponents standing with arms placed on arm wrestling table. These tournaments are also divided into weight classes as well as left and right handed classes.

Two most important Arm wrestling rules:

  1. Elbow of players should remain on matted area on table all the time.
  2. Breaking the hand grip (In trying to escape a possible pin) result in loss.

Mainly these are the arm wrestling rules that you have to consider for playing arm wrestling.


Top arm wrestling Competitors of the world.

  • John Brzenk (considered as the greatest arm wrestler of all time)
  • Alexey Voevoda
  • Zaur Tskhadadze
  • Travis Bagent
  • Denis Cyplenkov
  • Andrey Pushkar
  • Tim Bresnan
  • Devon Larratt
  • Ion Oncescu
  • Neil Pickup
  • Jerry Cadorette.

Allen Fisher is also a big name in arm wrestling as he won 26 world arm championships. He is one of the oldest multiple world champion title holders in the sport of arm wrestling at 55 years of age in the year 2011. In Female category Heidi Andersson from Sweden won eleven world arm wrestling championships. She won all these from 1998 to 2014.


Associated Arm wrestling injuries

Let’s talk about associated injury in arm wrestling. Arm wrestling puts high stress on upper arm’s bone to very high degree which is rare in any other sports. Some people are not fit for arm wrestling as bones of some people can’t handle such stress in that direction and injuries can easily occur. Arms usually fails due to diagonal break at or below the midpoint between shoulder and elbow. This position is specifically known as the break arm position.