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Undertaker retirement Video Final moments

Undertaker Retirement

Finally after many great years of entertaining people Undertaker Announces his Retirement At WrestleMania 33. WWE WrestleMania 33 ended on a very emotional note as one of our very favorite professional wrestler and Star of WWE announced his retirement.  When he lost against Brock lesnar in WrestleMania 30 his powerful streak ended. People are still hoping that he might win against Roman reigns but after his defeat he took his hat off and show the world that he can not fight anymore and it’s all over. He didn’t actually declared retirement from his mouth but his gestures showed the world that he is retired now.  Roman Reigns defeated “The Undertaker” in the final match of the wrestlemania 33 . Rumors about The Undertaker’s retirement were all around for a months due to a series of low performances and rumored injuries. Even articles were published before the event “WrestleMania 33” People are speculated that Roman Reigns is going to be the one to end undertaker’s long career. Roman actually delivered multiple superman punches to undertaker and after spearing through a table and than was pined. People applauded their hero with claps and shouts like “Undertaker , Undertaker …”. Undertaker than took a while to get up, looked around and placed his hat and coat in center of the ring and that showed the people that he is retired now.

Let’s watch the whole scene:



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