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Top 5 Fake families in WWE

Top 5 Fake families in WWE

We all know WWE is scripted or Fake. They have many storyline brothers in wrestling WWE more specifically sports entertainment. Fake WWE Families ( scripted families by WWE ). No doubt, you need a lot of skills and hard work to perform all the action that they do in ring. But at the end it’s all scripted they have a storyline.

Without wasting further time let’s just jump start or list of Fake families in WWE.

Watch this video or read the list below:

Fake families in WWE list:

At number 5 we have The Smoking Gunns:

Starting our list with The Smoking Gunns. They are kayfabe brothers, Billy Gunn and Bart Gunn. Smoking gunns have a gimmick of being cowboy brothers. They were part of Tag team division in WWE.

Fake families in WWE

At number 4 we have The hardcore Hollys:

Initially they started with a gimmick of  race-car driver and pro-wrestler but failed to gain respect among fans. Then WWE relaunched them with new gimmick as hardcore holly in Attitude Era and they become very popular among fans.

fake families in wwe number 2 The hardcore Hollys


At number 3 we have The Dudley Boyz D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley:

They played as on-screen brothers but they don’t even look like each other at all. Everything was really different about them but WWE still believed in them to be brothers and audience accepted it well.

fake families in wwe number 3 Dudley Boyz

Number 2 Edge and Christian :

They were best friends even before joining WWE. Luckily they got chance together and become peoples favorite both enjoyed their time in WWE as superstars. Their first debut was as brothers. With the passage of time they became one of top tag teams champion.

fake families in wwe number 2 Edge and Christian


At last and on number 1 we have The Brothers of Destruction:

Everyone know they are fake. They don’t even look like each other but it doesn’t stop WWE from making them look like brothers. Some people still believe they are real but they fact is that they are not real at all. Kane and the undertaker are storyline brothers made by WWE writer.

fake families in wwe number 1 Brothers of Destruction


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