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Heath slater net worth, salary and biography

Heath slater net worth, salary and biography

Net Worth Heath Slater is $3.3 Million:

Heath Slater net worth: Heath Slater is a famous WWE wrestler who has net worth of $3.3 million. Heath Slater was always a loyal employee to WWE and he served WWE almost 10 important years of his life.  The estimated net worth of heath slater is almost $3.3 million US dollars. He was always a great performer in ring. His net worth will increase with time as when he became more famous and demanding in public. He no doubt have a bright future in WWE.

heath slater net worth and biography

Heath Slater’s total assets:

Slater has his own website which is part of his assets. He also owns a big house and car gifted by WWE. A big chunk of his income will go in management and his taxes. He is also brand ambassador of different brands which provide him with goods including his wardrobe. Heath will obviously add more things to his name when he became more famous among WWE fans.

What business Model Heath Slater Follow:

His main source of income is through WWE wrestling and also he is involved with affiliate brands of WWE. He is mostly found among superstars who promote anti-bullying in colleges and schools, which is mostly for the awareness for the upcoming generation.


Heath Slater Biography:

Heath Slater net worth and biography


Slater was born on 15 July 1983, in Pineville, West Virginia, USA. Heath was the only child and was raised by his stepfather, his mother and grandfather. His education is never heard anywhere. Why? Because he never discuss such things in media or on any other public forum.  He started his wrestling training at WWA4 a famous wrestling School and also performed in many events of wrestle in WWA4. WWA4 is Georgia based Wrestling Federation.


Marriage and children of Heath Slater:

Heath Slater married to Stephanie Slater in 2011, and have 2 children. He is living happily with his wife in his home town. He is the solo bread earner of his family and takes good care of his family.


Heath Slater WWE Career:

Heath Slater was one of the fans favorite superstar in WWE.  Slater punched many superstars in WWE and had many Feuds in WWE. He started his career in California wrestling Championship and stayed there for a long time. He was always a hard working wrestler and his hard working ability paid off him well and got selected in WWE.

Health Slater’s debut was with one of the members of CM Punk’s Nexus.

He was never a direct entry in WWE but brought to main squared circle from a show named as NXT that was started for upcoming talents to WWE. Health also won Tag team championship with Justin Gabriel that championship lost for 4 months.  He was a member of team named as Nexus, when Nexus was finished he moved with Wade Barett’s but that thing didn’t worked out well. Then he started his own stable and named it as 3MB with Jinder Mahal (New WWE champion now in 2017) and Drew Macintyre. That formation stayed for 2 years and then he again started as rookie in company and formed another group and named it as Social Outcast with Curtis Axel, Boo Dallas, and Adam Rose. Slater also formed a team with Titus O’Neil and named it as Slater-Gator that’s all from his WWE career. His services have no match in WWE and will never be forgotten by WWE and the may add him in WWE Hall of Fame. We hope for his successful Career in WWE.

Heath Slater’s Rumors, controversy:

As for now he have no controversy or Rumor around. He is doing his best without harming others which shows that he is a straight forward guy who don’t disturb others. The only thing changed so far is his look and you guys can check his latest images of 2017 and no doubt he have done justice to his looks.



Latest Match of Heath slater: (Raw , sept. 4 2017)

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