It helps you Removes extra fat in your body, our body needs fat but if you are intaking more calories then required amount in your body it will produce extra fat. Water is the magic pill all you need to remove that fat.

#36 Reduces eating intake

Water helps you to eat less. When you drink water it fills up your tummy and you feel less hungry. You can’t stop yourself from eating your favorite food until you have a belly pop. So, if you want a simple solution to your problem just drink a glass of water before eating your food.

#35 Act as catalyst in your metabolism

Catalyst is the additional substance that when added increase the rate of reaction, raises your metabolism and has zero calories! what else you need to stop yourself from getting fat.

#34 Improves digestive system

Water is an essential component in improving our digestive system. Whatever we eat get processed by our digestive system. Water helps in flashing away unnecessary by-products produced from our food and clear our stomach and whole system. If our digestion is good means we can reduce weight quickly from our body.

#33 Increase muscles Perform

For reducing weight you have to do exercise and for exercise your muscles needs to perform best. Now if you don’t drink required water during exercise or any other physical activity, your performance can suffer badly. As of just a 2% loss of fluids can have a noticeable affect on your performance.

Don’t try sports drinks as they are not a replacement of water. Water if free and more effective than any sports drink available in market. Sports drinks contain fake sugars, artificial flavors/colors, sodium and other preservatives which instead of helping to reduce weight can increase our weight.

Listen to Arnold on how to lose weight:

Benefits of drinking water for hair

Benefits of drinking water for hair
Benefits of drinking water for hair