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Is WWE fake ? Clear direct answer with proof

Is wwe fake

Is WWE fake ? Calling WWE fake is not fair but yes, it’s 100% fake. You may get confused why we said it’s not fair to call WWE fake.  The reason is simple WWE as named reflects its world wrestling entertainment, means its sports entertainment. The action they do in …

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50 Amazing benefits of drinking water

benefits of drinking water

50 Amazing benefits of drinking water We all know drinking water is important but how much benefits of drinking water we can get,  lets find out! but if you are in hurry just watch these important benefits of drinking water in 2 minute video: Benefits of drinking water for skin Did …

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Top 5 WWE superstar couples with big age difference

John cena and nikki bella

Top 5 WWE star couples with big age difference Big age difference in dating couples of wwe, let’s view loving couple photos of wwe which have big age difference. Meeting someone to spend the rest of your life is a tricky task, but when you’re an employee of WWE, it …

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Undertaker net worth & biography

undertaker net worth and biography

Undertaker net worth is $17.5 million As of now estimated net worth of undertaker is $17.5 million.This net worth include his all time wrestling career and his property.In wrestling wrestlers paid by different means one of them is playing match others include selling merchandise for company like different products shirts …

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(Dwayne Johnson) The Rock net worth, story and biography

the rock net worth biography and story

The Rock net worth is $195 million As for of November 2017 analysis the rock have net worth of $195 million. The net worth include his properties, movie’s revenue and other business investments. The Rock is no doubt one of the most successful wrestler WWE have ever produced. He is …

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Ken shamrock WWE Wrestler ” No hall of Fame for him”

Ken shamrock wwe ufc mma

Ken Shamrock into the WWE Hall of Fame     WWE does not want to induct Ken Shamrock into the WWE Hall of Fame. Why WWE don’t want to include Ken Shamrock in it’s hall of fame? when pro-wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer was asked on a recent edition of the …

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How to win at Arm wrestling Complete Guide

how to win at arm wrestling

How to win at arm wrestling So if we answer this specific question “how to win in arm wrestling” is not simple. You need to know a lot of information related to arm wrestle to get your answer on how to win arm wrestling. So let’s just start our discussion …

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Fastest way to lose weight by Arnold Schwarzenegger [Interview]

fastest way to lose belly fat

Fastest way to lose weight We interviewed Arnold on how we can lose weight in a fast way. He answered us with his amazing knowledge. We all know he is a bodybuilding legend. We all respect him for all his work. He is a hard working guy thought out his …

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Why Roman Reigns won against undertaker WrestleMania 33?

Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak

Why Roman Reigns won against undertaker? So, Reigns’ victory over undertaker in wrestlemania 33 represents a huge change that WWE has needed in an era where full-time stars have been positioned as beneath part-timers. Roman Reigns is  a top merchandise seller now as we know John Cena is a part-timer …

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Top 5 Fake families in WWE

fake wwe families

Top 5 Fake families in WWE We all know WWE is scripted or Fake. They have many storyline brothers in wrestling WWE more specifically sports entertainment. Fake WWE Families ( scripted families by WWE ). No doubt, you need a lot of skills and hard work to perform all the action …

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