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Wrestling :

Wrestling is a form of sports, which involves grabbing the opponent and performing different actions according to the rules of wrestling. Wrestling have different type and variations and played all around the world in different forms. It look like a fight but it’s actually not it have defined set of rules which have to be followed by both players. It involves different types one of them is grappling type techniques e.g. clinch fighting, take-downs, locks, back pins and other special grappling holds.

This sports is famously used by entertainment companies such WWE. They make whole script and fight scenes and entertain people. It’s actually a good form as no one get that hurt and people enjoy the show as well. A wrestling basically is about physical competition between two (sometimes more) competitors, who are trying to gain a superior position over the opponent. There are many styles of wrestling with varying rules both traditionally and historically. Now it have new forms know as modern styles famous.

Famous wrestling companies

NJPW(New Japan pro Wrestling), WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment), ROH (Ring of honor) and Global Force Wrestling (which formerly known as TNA and Impact Wrestling). Wrestling techniques are also used in martial arts and other military hand combat systems. UFC is mixed martial-arts which used the gray area in wrestling as people call it as fake or scripted to have a real fight between fighters but overall the business models are same both are selling Per per views and money fights.

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